4 Surprising Facts about Propane

Propane companies in Bucks County have been getting a lot of business recently because more and more residents are embracing the use of propane in their homes. Thanks to the natural gas industry boom that the state and other surrounding areas are going through, propane and other gases have never been more affordable. Despite the gas’s popularity, most people still don’t know several important things about it. Propane is much more than a one liner on King of the Hill; the gas has a lot of desirable properties that could help revolutionize the energy industry. For example, did you know that . . .

Propane isn’t a greenhouse gas

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are a type of vapor in the atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range. In simpler terms, they create the greenhouse effect and cause a lot of pollution on earth. Since most people know that propane is a kind of gas, they naturally assume that it’s contributing to the greenhouse effect –but they’re wrong. Propane burns clean, and doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect like other popular energy and gas sources.

Green energy blocks

Most propane is produced in America

Are you worried about the country’s dependence on other energy sources for fuel? Do you hate seeing lots of good jobs going overseas? If so, you should consider expressing your views by using propane. America is literally sitting on trillions of tons of natural gas, and propane makes up a significant amount of those trillions. We have so much natural gas that we’re actually exporting it to different countries and, as we find more pockets of it, the industry will only grow. When you use propane, you aren’t simply heating your home or cooking some food, you’re helping support a reliable and profitable industry.

Propane is an alternative fuel

When most people think about alternative fuel sources, they think of solar and wind power, but propane is often left out. Under the definitions of the Energy Policy Act of 1992, propane is considered an alternative fuel source. Propane isn’t the most popular fuel source in the country, but that could soon change since . . .

Propane could revolutionize the auto industry

How many of you dread going to fill up your car with gas? Low gas prices are a thing of the past, but propane fueled cars could be our future. Propane powered vehicles are extremely efficient, emit less pollution than gasoline, and are far cheaper to fuel than their gasoline counterparts. The oil industry has a tight grip on the automotive industry, but as oil reserves dwindle and gas exploration improves, that could change.

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