Benefits of Having a Propane Fireplace

Brrrr! The Greater Philadelphia area experiences its fair share of winter weather. From freezing temperatures to blizzards and icy conditions, the colder months can be especially harsh. But what better way to heat your home this season than with a warm fire on a cold night? Whether your home already has a fireplace or you’re […]

Converting from Oil to Gas Heating

Bucks County area residents are no strangers to cold weather. From heavy snowfall to blustery winds and freezing temperatures, wintertime will be here before we know it. If you’re concerned about heating your home this season, now is the best time to consider upgrading your system from expensive oil to cheaper, cleaner propane heating. Today […]

Pros/Cons of Converting from Electric Heat to Gas Heating

If you’re in the market for replacing your old heating system, you may want to consider propane heating. There are several home heating sources to choose from, including natural gas, oil, wood, electric, and propane. But given how expensive oil can be and the limited availability of natural gas, selecting propane as your home heating […]