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The Many Surprising Uses of Propane Gas

If you are living in Montgomery County, you may have heard that propane is a good option. But option for what? To many people, propane is something you use to power your barbeque and that’s about it. However, propane actually has a variety of home and business uses, and is even used to power fleets of cars! Here are some of the surprising uses of propane that you may not know about:water heater

1.  Water heating – More and more homeowners are switching to propane water heaters. This is an easy switch to make because propane water heaters operate exactly the same as traditional ones, simply using propane instead of natural gas. The difference? Propane is far more energy efficient and can end up saving you money. Propane can also be used to heat pools, which not only saves money, but also means you don’t need to run a gas line out to the pool—or use costly electricity.

2.  Home heating – Propane is used extensively for heating homes, and not just in the form of small propane space heaters. Many homes use furnaces in which propane their primary method for heating the whole house. Again, a major benefit here is energy efficiency: propane heating systems simply cost less to run. They also produce lots of warm air quickly, meaning you don’t need to shiver while the house warms up.

3.  To power generators – Many people are starting to see the wisdom in having a small emergency generator on hand. These generators can provide you with lights during a blackout and can charge cell phones during a disaster, allowing you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening and check in with family and friends. Of course, something has to power a small in-home generator, and one of the easiest and most cost-effective choices is propane.

4.  Commercial kitchens – We often think of propane as mostly a home fuel, but it’s used in restaurants as well. Propane ranges, ovens, and other kitchen equipment can allow a restaurant to avoid expensive infrastructure and produce perfectly-grilled meat with less overhead cost.

5.  Business Use – Businesses also use propane for heating, hot water, and other basic purposes, just like homes do.

6.  Auto gas – Did you know that there are millions of propane-powered vehicles? Most are owned in fleets by businesses that choose propane auto gas because it is cheap and earth-friendly. It also burns very clean, which can mean less wear and tear and consequent maintenance on the vehicle.

What does your home or business use propane for? Check out our site at Gas Tec for more information on these and other propane options!

3 Things Every Propane Supplier Should Offer (but many don’t)

With so many propane suppliers in PA, you’d think that they’d all be following basic best practices by now. Unfortunately, the truth is that the level of service provided by these companies can vary tremendously. So, how do you know which companies will give you the best value for your money? Here are three things you should expect your propane supplier to provide—and if they don’t, keep looking.

propane supply worker in PA

1.  Online ordering – We understand how busy modern life can be, and the last thing that you need is to have to make an involved phone call every time you need a propane delivery. That’s why a good propane supplier will offer easy online ordering options for your convenience. With online ordering, a few clicks of a button will get you the supplies you need, leaving you more time and less frustration all around.

2.  Scheduled at-home delivery – For most homeowners, a fixed delivery schedule makes the most sense. Some households use a whole home propane system that meets most or all of their energy needs. That usually means their propane usage is pretty consistent from month to month, and having propane refilled on a set schedule is an easy way to have one less thing to worry about on their to-do list. When setting up propane service, make sure that you mention any factors that might change your propane requirements from month to month. For instance, in the summer, you may need extra propane for heating your pool. Mention this and other similar issues and a good company will adjust accordingly.

3.  Competitive Pricing – There are a lot of companies out there offering propane services, but many of them find ways to mark up prices at great benefit to themselves, but to the detriment of the customer. For instance, many bad companies will start off with a great introductory rate, only to raise that rate astronomically after a bit of time has passed. A good company offers fair pricing. Market-based prices are often a great thing for homeowners, but the best companies will also have price programs that offer businesses and larger communities some protection and consistency.

What else do you expect from a propane supplier? At Gas Tec, we offer the best options and convenience to our customers. Call or contact us today with any questions about our excellent propane service!