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Power Your Generator with Mercer County Propane

The Tri-State area has seen its fair share of snow this winter, especially late in the season. And with some storms bringing wet, heavy snow and high winds, the power outages in the region have spiked.

During these temporary losses of electricity, many homes were without heat, light, or hot water. But those who were already prepared with a generator suffered much less.

Generators come in all shapes, sizes, and types, and are great as emergency power sources for your home. Different sized generators fulfill different needs. A small, 10,000 Kilowatt generator is typically enough to run some bare essentials in your home like the freezer, sump pump, and a few lights. Larger generators, 17kW and up, can power additional appliances or even handle your whole home.

For generators that are run on propane, it is wise to have an independent propane tank system available, either underground or above ground, because of the variable amounts of propane that can be drawn unexpectedly in a short amount of time.

Many people in the Tri-State area such as those in Mercer County already have generators, and those who don’t are likely considering getting one after this harsh winter. But if you do get a new generator in the near future, we’re here to tell you why you should get one that you can power with Mercer County propane.

Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Preparing for an emergency or disaster can sometimes be very costly. But using propane to fuel your generator can help save on these costs. Propane is a low-cost fuel that is available throughout the country. The maintenance costs of propane-powered generators as opposed to gasoline generators is also much less. The carbon buildup and deposits that take place in gasoline systems are not an issue with propane generators.

Environmental Impact

Propane is a clean-burning fuel, meaning it produces a lower amount of carbon monoxide than most other fuel sources, particularly gasoline. Unlike gasoline, there is also no risk of spilling propane because it is stored safely in tanks with security valves.


Also unlike gasoline, propane’s shelf life is limitless. Gasoline will only last a few months before it starts degrading, but propane gives you the option to store fuel for a much longer period of time. Don’t worry about wasting unused fuel when you power your generator with propane.

What Sets GasTec Apart from Other Chester County Propane Companies?

There are several Chester County propane companies to choose from, but what sets GasTec apart from the rest? Well, the answer is simple: GasTec is a full-service propane company that offers residential and commercial services, as well as propane auto gas.

Here’s a closer look at the full range of services offered by GasTec:


GasTec can help heat your home, cook your dinner, or keep your lights on when your power goes out. Residential propane has many uses and GasTec can have you utilizing all of them. Offering some of the most competitive residential propane prices in Pennsylvania and beyond, GasTec will work with you to build a plan that will fit your budget and reduce your energy costs. So next time you need residential propane for house heating, pool heating, hot water, or as a power supply for generators, give GasTec a call and we’ll have your needs taken care of in no time.


When it comes to supplying restaurants, constructions sites, warehouses, and bulk facilities with propane, you won’t find a company more reliable than GasTec. Our commercial services provide propane solutions for all types of commercial properties. We even offer on-site filling stations to keep work crews warm throughout the frigid winter months.

Auto Gas

These days there are many people looking for an alternative to gasoline to fuel their vehicles. Propane auto gas has been a preferred method of many since the 1940s, and today, approximately 17 million propane-fueled are on the road. Propane auto gas is affordable and available at GasTec.

But what really sets GasTec apart from the competition the most is its unmatched reputation, which has been built over more than 60 years. Our immense knowledge of the propane industry, reliable installations, and dedication to customer service all keep our customers coming back time after time. Not to mention, you won’t find better prices on propane services anywhere else southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware!