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Important Things to Understand About Residential Propane Tanks

We always appreciate the opportunity to help our clients convert to residential propane tanks. They’ve never been easier to use, but a lot of consumers are wary of making the switch as they don’t know how much making the switch will alter to their daily lives. Today, we will look at some of the most important things to understand about residential propane tanks.

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#1 GasTec can deliver your propane, but you could refill your propane on your own

We are always pleased to help families who choose GasTec to come out and refill their residential propane tanks.

#2 You can own or lease propane tanks

Depending on your use of the propane there may be a small fee that is usually associated with leasing a propane tank from a propane company. However, there’s little to no upfront cost with leasing a tank whereas there is an upfront cost associated with purchasing one. The biggest benefit of leasing a tank is that when the time comes to either repair or replace the tank, the leaser is not responsible for the costs associated with it. The biggest benefit of owning a tank is that if there’s no need for maintenance or repairs it will usually provide some long-term savings. The best dealers will go over the options and not force a residence into either decision.

#3 It’s easy to know when a tank is low on propane

A lot of customers are concerned about how easy it will ultimately be to understand that their tank needs replacing or refilling. However, modern tanks take the guesswork out of the equation. Today’s tanks from GasTec offer a gauge that allows you to clearly identify when they’re low. Some of the smaller tanks still do not have a gauge but the two-tank configuration offers a gauge that makes it easier to see when the time comes to switch out the tank.

#4 Propane can be delivered on your schedule

One of the biggest benefits of making the switch to propane is that every residence only utilizes what they need to. This means that there is no need to have a monthly appointment where more propane is delivered. Propane deliveries can happen as often or as sparingly needed as is required. Our staff can help point you in the right direction for what your needs will require.

As you can tell residential propane tanks offer many benefits and help eliminate a lot of the hassle. Are you considering residential propane tanks? Contact us with any questions you may have!

A Look at Residential Above Ground Propane Tank Maintenance

More than 50 million Americans rely on residential propane tanks to fuel their homes. For those that choose to rent their propane tank, maintenance falls under the burden of the lender. For those who own their residential propane tank, it’s up to them to cover the costs of maintenance and repairs. Either way, it’s great to know when a residential propane tank requires maintenance and how to prevent the need for unnecessary repairs.

The first way a homeowner can protect their propane tank investment is to ensure that the propane tank is unobstructed. An unobstructed residential propane tank is placed in an area where it can’t become covered in snow, leaves and other outdoor debris. The more added weight to a propane tank’s surface, the higher the likelihood of unwanted leaks. Because propane is a gas, this is extremely dangerous as the last thing anyone wants is an explosion. The next essential step is to store a residential propane tank in an area where it is clearly visible. Keeping a propane tank highly visible not only allows the owner to notice any unusual circumstances, but it also helps to ensure there are no unnecessary collisions. One of the most common mistakes is that grass grows high around the tank, which leads to the tank being hit with a lawnmower, weedwhacker, or other lawncare devices.

The best way to avoid unnecessary repairs is to ensure tank fittings and valves are secured. This is done by ensuring the lid of the tank isn’t exposed to unwanted elements like rain, ice and debris. The fittings and valves are located directly under the lid of the tank. One of the biggest outside elements to look out for when it comes to the safety of the tank’s fittings and valves are birds who find the area a perfect spot for nesting in the spring or bees.

Visibility is also extremely important when it comes to vehicles. Accidents happen, so even if a propane tank is clearly visible, it shouldn’t be in any way close to a path or road that allows vehicles to pass them. All it takes is a small bump from a car for a tank to leak or explode. When the time does come for maintenance and a leak is discovered, this job must be left to an expert. There’s always a temptation to take on a repair job yourself to save on unwanted repair costs. However, leaks in a propane tank cause very serious and dangerous situations. GasTec has the experts on hand who have the proper tools, experience, and understood protocol to fix the leak in the safest way possible.