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GasTec Discusses the Industrial Uses of its Propane Services in Downingtown, PA

Propane Services in Downingtown PA

For many years, Downingtown has been recognized for its major role in Pennsylvania manufacturing and industry history. Downingtown industry dates back to the early 1700s, when it was home to some of the first mills on the East Coast. Later, the town would become a hub of manufacturing complexes due to its central location and proximity to rail transportation corridors. Downingtown’s industry continues to thrive, and today, the area hosts a variety of manufacturing companies, including McGuckin & Pyle Inc, Kim Manufacturing, and Strategic Manufacturing Techs. GasTec has long provided propane services to Downingtown, PA, to both local residents and established businesses. GasTec’s Downingtown, PA propane services have been used not only for manufacturing purposes but also by Downingtown construction and transportation companies.

Materials Handling

Transportation is a fundamental part of many different industries. Whether it be construction or manufacturing, moving materials from one site to another is inescapable if not a tedious aspect of business. While each industry’s needs are unique, many organizations rely on propane-powered vehicles and equipment for their material handling needs. Propane-powered forklifts and buggies are some of the most popular material handling machines for their low emissions and affordable fuel. This has been made evident by the National Propane Gas Association, which recently released a report that stated nearly half a million forklifts are powered by propane gas each year.

Propane’s Uses in Manufacturing

While propane is often used as a fuel for various industrial purposes, propane is also used to create refinery products in some manufacturing sites. Petrochemical industries will often blend propane into finished products such as LPG and petrochemical feed to make ethylene or propylene. Propane has also been known to be used by Refrigerator manufacturers as a refrigerant. Propane’s operating pressures and temperatures are frequently used for refrigeration due to its ideal pressure levels and temperatures.


Autogas propane has quickly become one of the most used fuels in industrial transportation. A large percentage of industrial fleets have moved away from gasoline and diesel and switched to cost-efficient and low-maintenance autogas to power their vehicles. Typically, propane autogas costs 30-50% less per gallon than its gasoline and diesel counterparts. Additionally, the price of propane is known to remain stable and be less affected by the same seasonal fluctuations gasoline and diesel experience.

Provider of Propane Services to Marcus Hook GasTec Discusses Marcus Hook Construction Expansion and the Many Uses of Propane in the Construction Industry

Propane Services Marcus Hook

In recent years, Marcus Hook has experienced an expansion in both the energy and construction industries thanks to Sunoco Pipeline LP’s parent company, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). In 2019, ETP announced more than $200 million in new projects in the Delaware County area and 1,200 new jobs at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. The construction projects were scheduled under the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, associated with more than 50 construction unions in the Marcus Hook area. For more than 50 years, GasTec has provided propane services to Marcus Hook, PA. Over the years, many Philadelphian construction teams have come to rely on GasTec propane to help fuel their construction vehicles, provide on-site power, and warm temporary sites. Construction companies in Marcus Hook  are encouraged to continue reading to learn more about GasTec propane’s many uses within a construction site.

Used to Heat Temporary Office and Outdoor Spaces

Unexpected weather can present a number of challenges for construction teams. Many construction materials such as drywall, plaster, and paint require heat in order to dry or cure, which is made more difficult during rainy winter months. For this reason, many construction sites use temporary propane heaters to keep team members warm and different materials dry. Here at GasTec, we offer a number of varying propane tank sizes to fit your exact heater model and propane delivery services, so you and your team will never be without adequate heat.

Used to Fuel Construction Vehicles

In order to complete projects on time, construction teams will often be running several machines and vehicles at once. To fuel these machines affordably and cleanly, many teams have turned to propane-autogas to fuel their work trucks. Compared to gasoline, propane autogas has several benefits, including a yield of 12% less carbon dioxide and 60% less carbon monoxide. Additionally, propane autogas is one of the most inexpensive fuels available and, on average, 30-50% less per gallon than retail gasoline. In terms of safety, propane autogas leads the competitions with fewer leaks, narrower flammability range, and more puncture-resistant tanks.

On-Site Power Uses

Today, one of the most popular generators used by construction teams and contractors is propane-field. New advancements in portable generator technology have made propane generators both highly portable and power efficient. With affordable pricing and reliable energy, it’s easy to see why many construction teams choose propane-fueled portable generators to fuel their projects.

GasTec, Supplier of Propane Services in Northampton County, PA Discusses the Many Uses of Propane in the Manufacturing Industry

propane services in northampton county pennsylvania

Since its foundation in 1752, Northampton County has become one of the epicenters of Pennsylvania export and has attracted numerous families and businesses to the Lehigh Valley area. GasTec, a leading provider of propane services in Northampton County, PA, has seen various Northampton County businesses flourish over the years but perhaps non more so than Northampton’s manufacturing industry. Today, the county leads Pennsylvania in chemical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and food manufacturing with help from companies like Phillips Enterprises Inc and Piramal Critical Care. Below, Gastec, a primary supplier of propane services to Northampton County, PA, will discuss how propane is used within Northampton County’s manufacturing industry.

Run Machinery – For decades, propane has been used to help power machines within the construction, agricultural, and manufacturing industries. For job site heaters to forklifts, propane is often the go-to fuel for many businesses due to its low cost, efficiency, and reliability. Additionally, propane autogas frequently has fewer challenges than other diesel trucks and vehicles. Propane autogas engines are less complex and do not require emission fluids. Propane autogas vehicles do not require particulate fillers to meet emissions regulations and will not need to be cleaned or maintained as frequently as other diesel vehicles.

Processing and Cutting Metal – While propane cannot be used for Gas Welding, propane is frequently used for brazing and cutting metals. Propane can be used to melt metals as it burns at an exceptionally high temperature (1980 C). Propane gas can be used to melt aluminum, bronze, brass and is frequently used in stationery and tilting crucible furnaces. For propane to burn at max efficiency, the oxygen-to-gas ratio must be within the recommended range. This range is typically four parts propane to 96 parts oxygen.

Create Materials – Nearly half of all propane used within the manufacturing industry is used to create plastic. However, propane is also frequently used within the manufacturing industry to develop other materials ranging from aerosol propellants to solvents and synthetic vulcanized rubber. For those who may not know, aerosol propellants are gases that have been compressed inside a steel or aluminum can and are used to distribute liquid particles ranging from hairspray to sunscreen. Although synthetic vulcanized rubber is not well-known, it is used in numerous everyday items, including bowling balls, toys, and car tires.

GasTec Discusses the Many Uses of Commercial Propane Services for Malvern, PA

Propane Malvern Pennsylvania

As one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Malvern has attracted a significant number of families and businesses to the area since its incorporation in 1889. Over the years, Malvern has been home to many prevalent companies and today is host to real estate company Liberty Property Trust, investment advisors The Vanguard Group, semiconductor manufacturer Vishal Intertechnology, and automotive accessory retailer American Muscle. Here at GasTec, a leading provider of propane and propane services for Malvern, PA, we understand Malvern businesses’ unique needs and remain committed to providing affordable, efficient, and reliable propane for its many commercial businesses. Today, we will discuss the many uses of commercial propane and how our GasTec teams can help support local Malvern, PA businesses.

Temp Heating

Nothing is worse than a cold workspace. In order to keep employees comfortable and projects on schedule, having the necessary heat in your work area throughout the winter months is key. Whether your team works from the same location each day or travels to different worksites, our Temporary Heating services can provide a comfortable workspace for you and your staff and well as a short-term solution to help different construction projects dry or cure. We can offer propane tanks of varying sizes that will fit your specific needs and our rates are known to be some of the most affordable and competitive.


Malvern is home to a wide variety of established restaurants and eateries. From Restaurant Alba to Julie Anne’s Place, our propane services can ensure Malvern restaurants are able to focus on serving their guests and not their restaurant’s temperature or gas equipment.

Our propane services can help restaurants power:

  • Fryers, ranges, ovens, flat tops, broilers
  • Heating of restaurant spaces
  • Heating water
  • Outdoor seating heat sources

Forklift Cylinder Program

One of our more popular programs is our forklift cylinder program. We are committed to helping your business run more efficiently and can supply propane forklift tanks to fit your individual needs. Through our scheduled delivery or propane cylinder exchange program, you can rest easy knowing your forklifts will be operational whenever they are needed. Whether your business specializes in shipping and delivery, automotive services, or storage and warehouses, we can offer you some of the industry’s best propane rates. If your propane company has left you empty without propane, Gastec has plenty and is ready to help.

GasTec Discusses the Relationship Between Lehigh County Industries and Propane

propane lehigh county

First settled in 1730, Lehigh County has quickly become of the East Coast’s fastest-growing counties and a hub for Pennsylvania industry and business. With a GDP of more than 41.2 billion throughout Leigh County and the Lehigh Valley area, today, Lehigh County is home to more than 10,000 businesses and a variety of nationally recognized brands and industry leaders. Lehigh County’s excellent transportation infrastructure, available commercial properties, and proximity to major Pennsylvanian cities have allowed Lehigh businesses to grow and successfully penetrate the national market. Since the 1950s, GasTec, one of the leading providers of propane services in Lehigh County, PA, has remained a constant supplier to Lehigh County businesses and watched industry development within the area. Today, GasTec will discuss how propane has helped Lehigh County’s manufacturing businesses and its future in the continued growth of Lehigh County’s transportation sector.

Propane Services and Lehigh County Manufacturing:

One of the largest industries within Lehigh county; today, manufacturing makes up a total of 18% of Lehigh Valley’s total GDP and employs roughly 34,000 workers within the area. Lehigh county and its surrounding neighborhoods are home to some of the nations leading manufacturers of medical equipment, electronics, and mechanical piping. Propane has long been the favored energy source for manufacturing businesses for its reliability and clean-bearing properties. Propane and manufacturing have long held a collaborative relationship, as nearly half of all propane used by manufacturers is used in the development of plastic, a material used to create most consumer goods.

Propane Services and Lehigh County Transportation and Logistics:

Within the last five years, the e-commerce sector has seen a steady growth of 32.4% year-over-year. Analysts now believe this number will only continue to increase, and by 2024, potentially 19.2% of all US retail spending will take place online. In response to this dramatic shift, many businesses are now seeking new and affordable ways to transport goods to consumers across the country. Lehigh county, one of the prime locations for transportation and logistics companies operating out of Pennsylvania, has risen to the new transportation demand and responded by creating over 10,000 new jobs within the last five years. GasTec encourages Lehigh County transportation fleets looking to lower total costs while reducing emissions to consider the benefits of using propane autogas. On average, propane autogas is between 40- 50% less costly than gasoline and diesel and emits 60% less carbon monoxide than its competitors.

GasTec Discusses the Differences between a Gas-Heated and Electric-Heated Hot Tubs

Delaware County Propane

Since the beginning of COVID-19’s social distancing and stay-at-home orders, families across the country have looked for new and exciting ways to enjoy their time at home. In recent months, households throughout Delaware County, PA, have gained attention from their county neighbors for their inspired solution to stay-at-home boredom, hot tubs. GasTec, a provider of propane services in Delaware County, PA, has noticed the increase in customers seeking additional propane for their gas-heated hot tubs and hopes to encourage other families to enjoy the outdoors safely this winter. For families residing in Delaware County or other Pennsylvania counties who are considering purchasing their own hot tub, GasTec will discuss the various nuances between the two most common types of hot-tubs, gas-heated and electric-heated.

Gas Hot Tub Heaters:

Powered by propane or other natural gases, gas hot tub heaters are frequently used for free-standing wooden hot tubs, portable spas, and in-ground spas. The original hot tub heater, for years gas has heated not only hot tubs but pools and jacuzzis as well. Before the 1970s, hot tubs could not be heated at all times, but instead were heated on-demand and later insulated with a spa top. Today, there are numerous reasons that people elect to have their hot tubs heated by gas. One of the most cited reasons for choosing a gas hot tub heater is low operation costs. Not only has propane become increasingly affordable in recent years, but it also produces more British Thermal Units (BTU’s) than natural gas. Another popular reason for choosing a gas hot tub heater is the speed at which it can heat the water. On average, a hot tub gas heaters can add 1-2 degrees per minute, whereas electric heaters can take almost an hour to raise the temperature of the tub a few degrees.

Electric Hot Tub Heaters:

During the late 1970s, when portable hot tubs were first introduced to the market, manufacturers designed the electric hot tub with plug-in appliance capabilities in mind. They wanted to create a simple, low maintenance hot tub that would be able to be controlled through a controller system. While they were able to create a low maintenance machine, there are several less desirable attributes to electric hot tub heaters. Electric hot tubs are frequently reported to have lower overall operational costs than their gas-heated competitors. However, depending on the customer’s location, climate, and price per kilowatt-hour, this may quickly change. This problem is especially true for electric hot tub owners located in colder northern climates, who frequently find poor insulation can significantly impact their heating costs.

GasTec Discusses Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Refill Your Propane Tanks

Gastec Propane

It’s that time of year again; winter has officially arrived on the East Coast. Last week, the first snowstorm of the season dropped between 6 to 31 inches on towns across the state of Pennsylvania, causing state-wide travel restrictions. In response, Pennsylvanian families have now started to gather winter essentials to better prepare for any future snowfalls. GasTec, the primary propane company of Chester County, PA, encourages local residents to purchase their propane before a snowstorm prediction in order to avoid limited supplies. Below, GasTec will discuss some of the reasons Pennsylvanians should stock up on propane early in the season and the many uses of propane during the winter months.

Gas Fireplace

Ask any Chester County, PA resident, and they will tell you that a fireplace cannot be underutilized during the cold winter months. In recent years, many Pennsylvanians have made the switch from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace to more efficiently heat their homes. GasTec recommends that families who heat their homes primarily through their gas fireplaces to go to their local propane supplier early in the season and purchase enough propane for 3-4 weeks. This will ensure homeowners have enough propane within their supply to last through a severe snowstorm.

Hot Water Heater

In the summer months, cold showers can be an excellent way to start your morning. However, after November, the number of people who would prefer a cold shower to a hot one becomes significantly reduced. To guarantee hot showers in the winter months, owners of propane-fueled hot water heaters should have extra canisters of propane available in the event of heavy snowfall or travel restrictions.

Hot Tubs

Since the beginning of COVID-19, numerous families across the US have started to utilize unused outdoor space in an effort to add much needed square footage to their homes during the stay at home orders. Families have done this by renovating their backyards, adding outdoor kitchens, refinished decks, and even hot tubs. Hot tubs are an excellent way to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors throughout the summer and winter months. For the many families in Chester County who have purchased a hot tub this year, GasTec recommends keeping a separate supply of propane handy. By doing this, homeowners can ensure enough propane for hot tub use without taking from their essential propane supplies.

GasTec On the Reasons to Get an Indoor Propane Fireplace for the Holidays

GasTec propane services bucks county pennsylvania

Throughout Philadelphia, Delaware, and Bucks county, families are switching from wood-burning fireplaces to safe and affordable propane-fueled indoor units. For many years, Pennsylvanians have used wood-burning fireplaces as a focal point within their homes and as a heat source during the winter months. Now, families across the state are choosing gas fireplaces after realizing the numerous benefits they can bring to a home. GasTec, one of the leading suppliers of propane services in Bucks County PA, has helped many families make the switch from wood to gas fireplaces this holiday season, and today, will discuss the various benefits gas fireplaces bring to Pennsylvanian families.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to classic wood-burning fireplaces, propane-fueled fireplaces have a much smaller environmental footprint and, on average, produce fewer emissions and carbon monoxide gases. Old-fashioned fireplaces are known to emit a steady stream dangerous substances and lung irritants such as benzene, formaldehyde, benzoapyrene, and soot particles. Propane fireplaces use gas logs to simulate a wood-burning fireplace without producing the same dangerous emissions while burning at higher, more efficient temperatures.


Propane fireplaces are an excellent option for families with young children and pets, as they do not allow access to the open flame. These fireplaces are designed with a glass layer to prevent household accidents and regulate and better distribute heat within a room. Wood-burning fireplaces require users to maintain a flame, making the open flame easily accessible to young children. A propane fireplace is considered one of the safest models of fireplaces if the fireplace has been properly installed and includes a top or side vent.


For many people, heat output is a major consideration when choosing a fireplace. Propane fireplaces are known for their heat efficiency and, on average, deliver up to five times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces and six times of wood-burning fireplaces. The heat output of fireplaces is measured using British Thermal Units, or BTUs, which are defined as the amount of heat needed to raise a pound of water temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.  On average, wood-burning fireplaces emit between 20,000-40,000 BTUs, while gas fireplaces can emit anywhere between 8,000 – 60,000 BTUs. For those looking to use a fireplace to heat their home or large room, GasTec recommends a gas fireplace for maximum heat efficiency.

GasTec Discusses Winter Home Improvements for Social Distancing

gastec propane

During COVID-19, many Americans saw the summer months as a welcome change to the monotony of stay-at-home orders. The warmer weather made visiting with friends and family a possibility by utilizing backyard space to meet with loved ones while safely social distancing. Now that winter is officially here, many families across the United States are not ready to go back inside for the winter and use skype for their social interactions. GasTec, one of the east coast’s leading suppliers of propane and gas accessories, has noted within the last month a new trend in propane services. Below, GasTec will discuss the ways people are renovating their backyards to continue to enjoy them throughout the winter months.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

One of the most popular additions to backyards in the winter months is the outdoor fireplace. A stylish addition to any space, an outdoor fireplace is a great way to gather your friends and family outside in a comfortable, warm manner. When deciding on a fireplace, it is important to understand your options. Outdoor fireplaces come in two forms, gas and electric. Electric fireplaces are generally preferred by people looking for a safe, artificial flame to enjoy. Electric fireplaces are not known for giving off a lot of heat; however, they can be quite beautiful with a wide range of colored flames to choose from. Compared to electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces are an excellent heat source and are a less expensive alternative. If you live in a notably colder climate, a gas fireplace is the way to go for your next outdoor addition!

Patio Heaters

Not just used by restaurants,  patio heaters are also a great way to warm up your outdoor space during the cold winter months. Patio heaters usually are thin towers that expel gas-powered heat over a large area such as a patio or deck. Propane patio heaters typically come in two models, mushroom top propane towers and pyramid style propane towers. The main difference between these two models is the amount of heat they give off and the style of the top section of the towers. Mushroom top towers have a ‘mushroom’ shape that contains a flame and reflect the heat downward. Pyramid style towers contain their flame within the tower itself, which more evenly distributes the heat.  However, while the pyramid patio heaters more evenly distribute heat, their overall heat output lower than the mushroom top heater.

Outdoor Kitchen

For the true grill lover, grilling is not just a summer activity. Many people continue to cook with their grill during the fall, spring, and even winter months. Outdoor kitchens are fully functional during winter; however, it is not advisable to keep the outdoor kitchen’s water supply active during the colder months as it may result in a burst pipe. For those looking to continue to entertain guests outside into winter, creating an outdoor kitchen may be right for you.

GasTec Discusses Outdoor Dining and Propane Patio Heaters

An unexpected result of social distancing regulations has been the rise in popularity of outdoor dining. Since restaurants first started reopening, many people have made a habit of dining out to break from the monotony of staying indoors. However, now that the colder months have arrived are people willing to retreat back inside? GasTec, a prominent Pennsylvania supplier of propane, believes outdoor dining can continue if restaurants invest in proper outdoor heating.

Patio heaters are a great alternative to expensive heating systems. Propane patio heaters are known for their heat output, and on average, they can release eight times as many British thermal units as electric heaters. Often made from aluminum, propane patio heaters are known to be lightweight and easy to move and store. While many propane patio heaters are weather-resistant, some upkeep is required. As propane patio heaters create fire to generate heat, some heater parts may need to be cleaned or replaced annually. Below are the most recommended propane patio heaters for the 2020 winter seasons.

Mushroom Top Propane Towers

Mushroom top propane towers are the most common propane patio heater, most likely due to the large amount of heat they put out. This style of propane heater is most popular for restaurants or bars looking to heat a large area of outdoor space. Mushroom top propane towers contain its flame within the top section of the tower and use its cap, or mushroom top, to deflect the heat downward. The one disadvantage of choosing the mushroom top is its maintenance.  Due to their larger heat output, mushroom tops require more cleaning and safety precautions than other towers such as the pyramid style tower.

Pyramid Style Propane Heating Towers

While many pyramid style heating towers give out a slightly lower heat output than mushroom top towers, the pyramid is an excellent option for those looking for safety and style. Many popular pyramid models have ideal safety precautions, such as an automatic off switch in the event the tower is tipped. Another precaution of the pyramid is the glass tube design, which contains the flame at the tower’s center. This also helps to distribute heat evenly and keep guests from feeling too much heat in one area.

Propane patio heaters require upkeep and replacement of their propane tanks. Replacement is sometimes as frequent as much as once a week, depending on usage. GasTec understands refueling your propane tanks can be a difficult process, especially if your propane tank is within the 20lbs class. This is why many restaurants and bars take advantage of GasTec’s cylinder exchange programs. GasTec is known within the tri-state area for its easy pick-up and drop-off system, which helps restaurant and bars keep their customers warm and happy throughout the winter months.