Propane Facts: What You Need to Know for Propane Safety

At GasTec, we’re big on propane safety.  We also understand that everyone who uses propane doesn’t have time to research the gas.

But the fact remains, regardless if you have time to do your own research …

Propane safety is imperative.

For the safety of you, your family, your crew, and everyone else around you.

Propane – like all combustible gases – can be dangerous if you are a homeowner, worker, griller, driver, or any other type of person who uses propane.  Whether you’re a homeowner who uses propane for in-home heating or a landscaper who uses propane to power your lawnmower, not knowing about propane is downright dangerous.

So, to keep you safe, aware, and from doing painstaking research, we’re going to tell you the 5 most important things you need to know about propane safety.

Propane is:

  • Non-Toxic … it is not harmful to soil or groundwater
  • Freezing … it can cause frostbite if it contacts skin
  • Smelly … propane companies add an artificial scent to the gas that smells like rotten eggs
  • Detectable … propane gas detectors are available and highly recommended
  • 919-Safe it will not ignite when combined with air unless the ignition source is at least 920°

To learn more about propane safety, please view the What is Propane? presentation on