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Propane Near Annadale New Jersey

Summer is Here


Are you tired of being overcharged for your propane purchases or refills? In Annadale New Jersey, most people have grills or some sort of patio or portable grill that requires propane. If you live in Annadale New Jersey, Gastec offers a cheaper solution.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, “61% of Americans use propane grills, as opposed to charcoal or electric.” Propane allows Americans to safely grill up burgers, hotdogs, any of our favorite American foods, quickly. A tank of propane is affordable and goes a long way when grilling for large crowds or just hanging out with family and friends. Propane also comes into use as the sun sets and the air gets chilly. One can warm up to an energy-efficient propane heater on cool nights or gather around a propane fire pit for s’mores and enjoying the night with the family without having to constantly keep the fire going. These heat sources can often run on the same type of propane tank used for your grill.

Gastec offers the most affordable options for both small and large businesses. If you are interested in owning a cage to sell/exchange propane at your retail store, or if you are looking to supply your construction crew with propane deliveries then we are only a stone’s throw away and offer the best prices in the area.

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What Our Delaware County Propane Company Can Do For Your Business

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The United States is now the world’s largest exporter of propane: What does this mean for your propane prices?

The United States has seen a big change in its economic relationship with propane.

In fact, just a few years ago, the United States was once a net importer of propane. But today, the U.S. is the world’s largest exporter of propane.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2009, the United States imported almost 110,000 barrels of propane every day. Just six years later, in November of 2015, the U.S. was exporting almost 600,000 barrels of propane per day. This number peaked in February of this year, with the U.S. exporting 884,000 barrels of propane each day.

This means that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the United States now supplies more of the world’s propane than the next four exporters combined.

But what does this mean for propane buyers in the Delaware County area?

Propane prices have dropped throughout the United States

For many customers, the increase in domestic propane production means that they’re enjoying lower propane prices than they would have years ago when the U.S. was a net importer of propane.

Prices can vary depending on supplier

A wide variety of businesses supply propane and propane tanks, and some will charge more than others. Even within the same town, prices can vary for refills or exchange tanks.

Some propane supplies will also charge a fixed price for their propane, regardless of the market. This means that even though the market for propane should lead to lower prices, you won’t receive a lower price because you’re locked into a fixed rate.

This is why it’s a good idea to work with propane companies in Delaware County like ours that offer market-dependent prices, ensuring that you always pay the lowest possible price for your propane.

This could be a good time to stock up

The current market for propane means that now might be a smart time to stock up on propane, especially for customers with larger tanks.

Propane prices can often arise in the face of a cold winter, so this summer’s particularly low-priced market means that stocking up now could lead to big savings later.



Advantages of Switching to Propane

beige tank provided by propane companies in PA There are many propane companies in PA and, as more homeowners choose propane, chances are good that you know at least a few people who use it in their home. But if you haven’t made the switch yourself, you might wonder what makes propane better than powering your home entirely by electricity or natural gas. There are many answers.

Propane can be used in many ways in the home: it can be used only for home heating and hot water, for your cooking gas in your stove, or to fuel your fireplace. You can choose to use propane for all of these applications or just some of them. No matter what you use propane for, it comes with advantages. These advantages include the following:

1.  Highly affordable – Propane is simply a cheap, affordable energy source. For heating purposes, propane typically costs about half as much as electricity per BTU. That means you could save 50% in heating costs on a given space. Propane fireplaces are also cheaper to operate per hour than their wood-burning equivalents.

2.  Energy efficient – Propane heaters and appliances tend to run very efficiently. Propane heats water and air quickly, meaning that you can bring your house up to temperature faster and with less energy expenditure. You can also expect your propane water heater to recover a full tank of hot water within about 20 minutes, using less energy to do so than an electric water heater.

3.  Warmer in the winter – Propane heating systems simply keep your house warmer and cozier than electric ones. A propane heating system puts out hotter air than an equivalent electric heat pump system.

4.  Delivered to your home – Many people worry that switching to propane means having to go get tanks refilled. With larger tank sizes and contracts, however, this is simply not the case. You can expect your propane company to come top off your tanks for you—either forecasted based on weather and your usage or on an “as needed” basis, though the former is more common.

5.  Made in America – Propane is largely produced right here in the Unites States, meaning that you support the American economy and help us reduce our dependence on foreign energy.

These are just a few of the reasons that so many people have made the switch to propane. A propane household can be greener, cozier and more cost effective. Are you considering switching to propane? If so, call or contact us at GasTec today!

Finding the Best Propane Company in PA

There are many propane companies in PA, but some offer more than others. Many people have no idea what the difference is between a good propane company and an average or even bad one, and wish that they had a guide to help them choose. Luckily, we’re providing you with one here at Gas Tec! The following are three things to look for to make sure you end up with the best propane company possible:

Image of propane tanks

1.  Prices that are tied to the market – All too many propane companies in PA will offer tantalizing “starter” prices. Unfortunately, these introductory rates don’t last long and then customers find themselves locked into a long-term contract with steep prices and no way out. The best companies don’t do this. All propane companies know that they are selling a product that has a fluctuating cost. Like gas prices, propane prices can fall or rise from week to week. As propane companies already track these prices closely, it should not be hard to adjust the end price that is charged to the customer—in essence, the price should be tied to the market. Before signing up with a company, ask how their normal rates are determined and how often they adjust them to reflect changes in the market.

2.  Phenomenal customer service – When choosing a propane company, it’s worth it to hold out for truly phenomenal customer service. Propane companies occupy an interesting position here: you will be dealing with your provider on a regular basis (not unlike a utility company), but there is generally a much wider selection of propane companies to choose from than there are, say, power or cable companies. The result is that propane companies are more competitive and it is possible to find truly good service. Signs of good service include staff members who seem interested and eager to answer your questions, an extreme knowledge of the industry and related equipment, transparency in pricing, plus staff that are happy to explain the contract. Don’t settle for subpar service from a propane supplier.

3.  Help for first-time propane users – This may not apply if you’ve been using propane for your home or business for years, but if you are new to it, then a company that provides helpful information is a great asset. Propane is different from other power sources in several ways: it is delivered to your house, it is highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and it can be used in a variety of different ways, including heating or cooking and even power generation. A company that will help teach you the ins and outs of propane is a wonderful ally.

What else do you expect from a propane company? Call or contact Gas Tec today to find the right solution for your needs!

Top 5 Reasons to Use Propane This Winter

There are a growing number of propane companies in PA in part because of the rising demand from homeowners. Many people are turning to propane for their heating and cooking needs instead of electric or oil-burning furnaces. So why the switch? Here are the top five reasons people prefer propane:propane

1.       It’s more environmentally-friendly

Propane companies in PA know that propane is one of the greenest options for conventional home heating and cooking uses, generating far less greenhouse gases than electricity produced at a coal-burning power plant. Because of this environmental advantage, the government encourages the use of propane and there are tax rebates available for homeowners who use propane. And as is often the case, going green with propane also means saving money.

2.       Efficient heating

For many Pennsylvania homes, electrical heating is installed by default—but this is not in the homeowner’s best interest. Electrical heat and is inefficient as are electrical appliances generally. A home that uses all propane-powered appliances will almost invariable see lower energy costs than one with electric. And a propane furnace in general is a huge benefit: not only is it more efficient, it tends to perform better, putting out substantially more heat than an electric equivalent. During a Pennsylvania winter, having the best heat system available is a must—especially when it also lowers your heating costs.

3.       Gas cooks better than electric

The simple truth is that using an electric stove is not fun. The burners take time to heat up, whereas a propane stove provides instant on/off capability. It’s also easy to visually gauge how hot a gas burner is, and gas burners cool more quickly after being turned off, which makes them safer. But the biggest reason people prefer to cook with gas is simple: it gives you better control and a more even heat, leading to better meals.

4.       The tankless water heater option

While there are many fringe benefits to switching to propane, one in particular that needs to be called out is the use of propane water heaters. We’ve already discussed how propane heaters are more efficient than electric, but the most efficient option for heating water is a tankless heater—in other words, one that heats water instantly when you turn on the shower or sink, thus giving you a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. These tankless heaters require gas to work, are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, and provide the luxury of never having to wait for hot water again.

5.       Nontoxic

Unlike fuel oil, propane is nontoxic and does not harm the ground or your water supply. It is a safe, clean alternative to other heater fuels.

Do you use propane in your home?