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Propane Near Annadale New Jersey

Summer is Here


Are you tired of being overcharged for your propane purchases or refills? In Annadale New Jersey, most people have grills or some sort of patio or portable grill that requires propane. If you live in Annadale New Jersey, Gastec offers a cheaper solution.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, “61% of Americans use propane grills, as opposed to charcoal or electric.” Propane allows Americans to safely grill up burgers, hotdogs, any of our favorite American foods, quickly. A tank of propane is affordable and goes a long way when grilling for large crowds or just hanging out with family and friends. Propane also comes into use as the sun sets and the air gets chilly. One can warm up to an energy-efficient propane heater on cool nights or gather around a propane fire pit for s’mores and enjoying the night with the family without having to constantly keep the fire going. These heat sources can often run on the same type of propane tank used for your grill.

Gastec offers the most affordable options for both small and large businesses. If you are interested in owning a cage to sell/exchange propane at your retail store, or if you are looking to supply your construction crew with propane deliveries then we are only a stone’s throw away and offer the best prices in the area.

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The Many Surprising Uses of Propane Gas

If you are living in Montgomery County, you may have heard that propane is a good option. But option for what? To many people, propane is something you use to power your barbeque and that’s about it. However, propane actually has a variety of home and business uses, and is even used to power fleets of cars! Here are some of the surprising uses of propane that you may not know about:water heater

1.  Water heating – More and more homeowners are switching to propane water heaters. This is an easy switch to make because propane water heaters operate exactly the same as traditional ones, simply using propane instead of natural gas. The difference? Propane is far more energy efficient and can end up saving you money. Propane can also be used to heat pools, which not only saves money, but also means you don’t need to run a gas line out to the pool—or use costly electricity.

2.  Home heating – Propane is used extensively for heating homes, and not just in the form of small propane space heaters. Many homes use furnaces in which propane their primary method for heating the whole house. Again, a major benefit here is energy efficiency: propane heating systems simply cost less to run. They also produce lots of warm air quickly, meaning you don’t need to shiver while the house warms up.

3.  To power generators – Many people are starting to see the wisdom in having a small emergency generator on hand. These generators can provide you with lights during a blackout and can charge cell phones during a disaster, allowing you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening and check in with family and friends. Of course, something has to power a small in-home generator, and one of the easiest and most cost-effective choices is propane.

4.  Commercial kitchens – We often think of propane as mostly a home fuel, but it’s used in restaurants as well. Propane ranges, ovens, and other kitchen equipment can allow a restaurant to avoid expensive infrastructure and produce perfectly-grilled meat with less overhead cost.

5.  Business Use – Businesses also use propane for heating, hot water, and other basic purposes, just like homes do.

6.  Auto gas – Did you know that there are millions of propane-powered vehicles? Most are owned in fleets by businesses that choose propane auto gas because it is cheap and earth-friendly. It also burns very clean, which can mean less wear and tear and consequent maintenance on the vehicle.

What does your home or business use propane for? Check out our site at Gas Tec for more information on these and other propane options!

Why Using Propane in Pennsylvania Is a Step in the Right Direction

Propane in Montgomery County

Propane usage, much like any other progressive trend, is rapidly increasing and thriving more than ever in today’s modern world. You may be wondering what is fueling the recent interest in propane, since this particular type of gas has existed since the early 1900s. Science has given propane a breath of life in recent years by offering consumers several benefits that range from saving money to potentially saving lives. Below are just a few reasons behind propane’s growing presence in households and businesses throughout the country, with a particular focus on the East Coast.

Accessibility & Delivery Service

As more people begin to consider propane as a viable fuel or heating source, the need for its production becomes greater. In the routine fashion of supply and demand, this will mean more manufacturers to provide you with a quality propane product. Accessibility is a major necessity, but it is especially important for eastern states that might experience inclement weather. Propane isn’t something you want to run out of unknowingly, so being able to place a delivery order is a huge convenience for consumers. For people in the less populated parts of Montgomery County, ordering online is a useful option and a dependable way to buy propane for the comfort of your home or office.

Environmentally Safe

Many people have already taken the first step towards living a cleaner life by investing in eco-friendly cars and products, so logically the next move would be to replace whatever home heating source you are using with something environmentally safe – namely propane. Propane gas doesn’t emit toxins when burning, as regular gasoline does, and because it is such a clean gas, a propane-fueled engine would require less maintenance than a gasoline or diesel engine would.

Reliable in Case of Emergency

The versatility of propane is surprisingly extensive, as it can go from heating your backyard swimming pool to also fueling your burners. This is extremely beneficial on a daily basis, but even more so during a natural disaster or emergency. The east coast has plenty of bad weather, and even occasionally experiences larger catastrophes – such as Hurricane Sandy – which should encourage many residents to take preventative measures for their safety and comfort.

In the event that your home loses power during a storm or natural disaster, a propane generator could be your only lifeline. Considering the number of appliances and systems that can be powered by this advantageous natural gas compound, switching to propane in Montgomery County should be a no brainer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the call and schedule a consultation with us at GasTec – get ahead of the curve and make the first move!

Survive Summer with 3 Simple Tips for your Home

What do you think the average Montgomery County resident is thinking about right now? After the long, harsh winter residents experienced, most are probably more than happy to go outside and enjoy the much overdue warmth and snow-free weather. Summer can be a season full of vacations and fun, but it can also be stressful for the average homeowner. Pennsylvania summers are far from boring, and residents are going to be dealing with storms and oppressive and humid heat. If you want your home (and your utility bills) to be in good shape this summer, you should consider following these tips.

Turn off your HVAC system when you aren’t at home

They say that this year’s El Nino pattern will keep temperatures from getting out of control, so temperatures may be a bit more tolerable this summer. But when you consider the fact that many near-by counties have already had temperatures in the high 80s, it seems that the dream of a bearable summer isn’t going to happen. If you want to save some money this summer, shut down your HVAC system when nobody is home. It may not seem like that much of an energy or money loss, but you’re essentially running your system for 1/3rd of the day for no real benefit. It won’t take long for your home to cool down when you turn it on once you get home, and leaving it off can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills.

Image of thermostat run by propane in Montgomery County.

Get a propane generator

When most people think about summer weather, they mostly think about the heat, but summer is also a season that has a lot of severe weather. Last summer, Montgomery and Bucks County had to deal with brownouts during the height of the summer heat. Bad thunderstorms and extreme temperatures can knock out power for a few hours, and in some instances, a few days. Being stuck in your home without power during the summer can be difficult, and if you want to avoid spending a few days like this, you should get a propane generator for your home. Propane in Montgomery County is affordable, and can easily and efficiently power a propane generator.

Replace your windows

If you want to do something that won’t just keep your home comfortable during the summer, but also during the winter, you should consider replacing your windows. Environmentally-friendly windows can help to reduce the amount of heat lost in your home during the winter, and the amount of heat in your home during the summer. Window replacement can help lower your energy bills, and keep your home more comfortable. New windows can also keep strong wind gusts and debris out of your home during storms.

Why Montgomery County Prefers Propane

If you live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, then you’ve seen plenty of propane delivery service trucks go by. Propane is a major fuel source around the County, but if you don’t use propane yourself, you might wonder why everyone else is so keen. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Quick & Easy Heat – Winters get cold in Montgomery County, and propane helps keep construction companies and other businesses running. Any time there is a temporary work site in cold weather, it’s more cost effective to bring in a propane heating unit than it is to install permanent heating. Construction workers can have propane heat on-site and many warehouses and industrial sites use the substance, as well. It’s a cheap, effective way to keep workers warm.
  • Restaurants Love Propane – Many restaurants use propane stoves and other propane-powered appliances. Propane burners can provide tremendous heat to rapidly warm up fryers, as well as a good steady flame for grills and stovetop ranges. Perhaps most importantly, propane is a cost effective solution that doesn’t require expensive gas installation for an entire commercial kitchen.


  • Auto Propane Gas – You may not realize it, but there are millions of propane-powered vehicles on our roads today. While propane consumer vehicles are rare, many businesses prefer propane for their fleets because it burns cleaner, requires less maintenance, and brings down the overhead costs. Montgomery County is no exception, with plenty of businesses fielding propane powered vehicles.
  • Power Generators – This is the most popular consumer use for propane. Montgomery County residents like to be self-sufficient, and that means having your own power supply. Propane electric generators are inexpensive and easy to operate. Some families have them on hand in case of a blackout, while others use propane to generate electricity in cabins off the grid. It makes a huge difference in comfort when hunting, camping or fishing. Propane power can also supplement solar panels for an off-the-grid, earth-friendly combo.
  • In Home Use – Many Montgomery County homeowners prefer propane as their winter fuel of choice because it is cheap, it works well, and they don’t have to keep paying a utility bill when they’re not using it in the summer.

These are just a few of the reasons why people love propane in Montgomery County. Every year, more residents and businesses are switching to propane for these and other uses, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Do you use propane? What do you use it for?