Converting from Oil to Gas Heating

Bucks County area residents are no strangers to cold weather. From heavy snowfall to blustery winds and freezing temperatures, wintertime will be here before we know it. If you’re concerned about heating your home this season, now is the best time to consider upgrading your system from expensive oil to cheaper, cleaner propane heating. Today our home heating experts share the advantages of converting from an oil-fueled heater to propane gas. 

Why Make the Switch to a Propane Heater?

Did you know heating a home with oil can cost, on average, about $1,700 to $2,000, while propane is significantly less expensive, averaging around $1,000? If you’re ready to switch to lower heating bills and a more comfortable home, converting from oil to propane heat is your best option. Propane is a highly efficient, cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly fuel source. Most propane heaters are 90%+ efficient, with some reaching 95 to 97% efficiency, whereas most oil units only reach 80% efficiency. An oil heating system also loses 10 to 15% efficiency if not regularly maintained. Many oil system tune-ups are included in a packaged annual maintenance plan that can cost you an extra $400.

Fortunately, when you decide on an oil-to-gas conversion, you can eliminate the extra costs and hassles associated with oil heating. Below we share several more benefits of converting to propane you’ll experience:

Improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact

As we stated earlier, modern propane heating systems achieve an efficiency rating of 90% or higher, allowing you to save energy without sacrificing comfort. Propane furnaces operate at a higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), meaning they convert more fuel to usable heat, equaling less waste and fewer harmful emissions. 

Increased home value

Your new propane heating system is more efficient and affordable and heats your home more comfortably, increasing your home value and making it a more attractive alternative to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Space savings

Modern propane furnaces are significantly more compact than conventional heating systems. You will save space in your basement that can be used for storage or anything else you desire. 


A propane-fueled furnace costs about $2,000 less to install than an oil heating system, and you will save nearly $100 a year to operate your new furnace. 

Rebates and incentives 

Did you know your new home heating system can actually make you money? Many companies offer some type of incentive when switching to propane in the form of a total rebate of up to $500 or a new high-efficiency furnace, a new high-efficiency boiler, or a new aboveground storage tank.  


Propane can be used to heat several units inside your home, including water heaters, clothes dryers, stoves, ovens, fireplaces, standby generators, pools, and more. 

Propane Heaters With GasTec

At GasTec, we recognize upgrading your home heating system can seem like a monumental task. There are several options available, from electric, wood, and oil to gas home heating. Let our team assist you with the only decision that makes sense for your home—propane! Connect with us at 888-449-3585 and see how easy it is to switch.

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