Do You Need a Heat Pump Backup System?

Depending on the climate where you live, choosing to heat your home with a heat pump is one of the most efficient decisions you can make because it works as a heating and cooling system.  While some heat pumps work independently without backup heating, others are designed to use a backup. Whether or not your home will require a backup heat source for your heat pump will depend on several factors. Continue reading to learn if your home would benefit from a heat pump backup system. 

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Essentially, a heat pump transfers heat energy from one source to another. In the winter, it draws heat from the outdoor air and moves it into the indoor air, and in the summer, the process works in reverse. However, this means when the temperature outside drops below freezing, your heat pump’s efficiency can decrease. But don’t fret because there’s an easy solution to this problem—utilizing a backup heat source. 

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Backup

From December to March, the Greater Philadelphia area experiences periods of freezing temperatures. Because of this, installing a heat pump backup, such as a propane or oil furnace, is the most economical and efficient solution to heating your home. A backup heat source works when the outdoor temperature drops below a specific level, usually around freezing. The supplemental heat source will switch on and run until the outside temperature rises again. Installing a heat pump with propane backup has many advantages, including:

  • Efficient heating – Heating your home with a heat pump and backup propane furnace or boiler provides the most efficient heating method possible in our area. You will always use the most efficient heating option based on the temperature outside.
  • Consistent heating – Utilizing a heat pump backup system allows you to enjoy consistent, even heating, no matter the outdoor temperature. You will never experience a dip in the indoor temperature because your backup propane heat source will kick on whenever needed. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Your backup heat pump system switches on only when necessary, making it environmentally friendly. Propane is also non-toxic and insoluble in water, meaning it doesn’t spill, pool, or leave behind any residue because it’s released as a gas. This means that propane is not harmful to your soil or water in the unlikely event of a tank leak.

Heat Pump With Propane Backup

All heat pumps come with an emergency electric resistance heater, which is typically inefficient because of our area’s cold winters. Many homeowners choose to install a dual-fuel heat pump system that pairs an electric heat pump with a propane furnace and alternates between the two fuel sources to maximize comfort and efficiency. If you live in an area where natural gas is unavailable, you might opt for supplemental propane heating.  

Propane Home Heating System With GasTec

Whether you already own a heat pump or choosing a new home heating system, the experts at GasTec can help. With propane as a backup heat source, you can enjoy many benefits, including efficiency, reliability, less maintenance, and affordability. Connect with us at 888-449-3585 to learn more about propane as a backup heat source for your heat pump. 

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