GasTec Breaks Down Best Practices for the Annual Maintenance of Your Gas Fireplace


With autumn just around the corner, many residents of Hunterdon County, NJ, are now taking their Halloween decorations out of storage and filling up their calendar with the various Hunterdon County local fall activities. While there is much to do to prepare for the changing seasons, as the weather gets colder, it is also important to remember to clean and maintain your gas fireplace. In the colder months, many families will return home from apple picking and autumn walks to enjoy their warm gas fireplace; however, leading propane provider GasTec stresses that before they can do this, families must first ensure their fireplace has been properly maintained.

As propane fireplaces are designed to function with minimal effort on the homeowner’s part, it is easy to forget that, like other fireplaces, gas fireplaces must also be maintained. Before the cold months begin in earnest, GasTec encourages Hunterdon County residents and other gas fireplace owners to search for propane services in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and find a technician that can inspect and clean their gas fireplace so they can enjoy it to the fullest during fall and winter.

How Often Should a Gas Fireplace be Maintained?

While gas fireplaces do not need to be maintained daily like their wood counterpart, they still do require annual maintenance. Homeowners are encouraged to have their gas fireplace inspected each year by a professional fireplace inspector certified to perform safety checks. While gas fireplace owners can clean their gas fireplace themselves, you can also ask the fireplace technician to clean the fireplace during their inspection. During their inspection, the technician will check that the fireplaces venting is not obstructed and that there are no natural gas leaks or signs of carbon monoxide leaks.

How Do You Properly Clean a Gas Fireplace?

If you are a homeowner who would like to clean your gas fireplace yourself, similar to maintenance checks, your gas fireplace should be cleaned once a year. Before cleaning, homeowners must follow safety steps and make sure the gas to the fireplace is off while cleaning. Additionally, if your gas fireplace is encased in glass, it is essential to let the fireplace cool before cleaning, as the glass can remain hot long after the fireplace has been turned off. During the cleaning process, the first thing homeowners should do is to remove all dirt and grime from the fireplace and ensure that buildup on the screen is removed thoroughly. If any of the lava rocks or logs show signs of wear and tear or breakage, they should be removed and replaced before relighting the fireplace.

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