GasTec Discusses the Industrial Uses of its Propane Services in Downingtown, PA


For many years, Downingtown has been recognized for its major role in Pennsylvania manufacturing and industry history. Downingtown industry dates back to the early 1700s, when it was home to some of the first mills on the East Coast. Later, the town would become a hub of manufacturing complexes due to its central location and proximity to rail transportation corridors. Downingtown’s industry continues to thrive, and today, the area hosts a variety of manufacturing companies, including McGuckin & Pyle Inc, Kim Manufacturing, and Strategic Manufacturing Techs. GasTec has long provided propane services to Downingtown, PA, to both local residents and established businesses. GasTec’s Downingtown, PA propane services have been used not only for manufacturing purposes but also by Downingtown construction and transportation companies.

Materials Handling

Transportation is a fundamental part of many different industries. Whether it be construction or manufacturing, moving materials from one site to another is inescapable if not a tedious aspect of business. While each industry’s needs are unique, many organizations rely on propane-powered vehicles and equipment for their material handling needs. Propane-powered forklifts and buggies are some of the most popular material handling machines for their low emissions and affordable fuel. This has been made evident by the National Propane Gas Association, which recently released a report that stated nearly half a million forklifts are powered by propane gas each year.

Propane’s Uses in Manufacturing

While propane is often used as a fuel for various industrial purposes, propane is also used to create refinery products in some manufacturing sites. Petrochemical industries will often blend propane into finished products such as LPG and petrochemical feed to make ethylene or propylene. Propane has also been known to be used by Refrigerator manufacturers as a refrigerant. Propane’s operating pressures and temperatures are frequently used for refrigeration due to its ideal pressure levels and temperatures.


Autogas propane has quickly become one of the most used fuels in industrial transportation. A large percentage of industrial fleets have moved away from gasoline and diesel and switched to cost-efficient and low-maintenance autogas to power their vehicles. Typically, propane autogas costs 30-50% less per gallon than its gasoline and diesel counterparts. Additionally, the price of propane is known to remain stable and be less affected by the same seasonal fluctuations gasoline and diesel experience.

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