GasTec Discusses the Many Uses of Commercial Propane Services for Malvern, PA


As one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Malvern has attracted a significant number of families and businesses to the area since its incorporation in 1889. Over the years, Malvern has been home to many prevalent companies and today is host to real estate company Liberty Property Trust, investment advisors The Vanguard Group, semiconductor manufacturer Vishal Intertechnology, and automotive accessory retailer American Muscle. Here at GasTec, a leading provider of propane and propane services for Malvern, PA, we understand Malvern businesses’ unique needs and remain committed to providing affordable, efficient, and reliable propane for its many commercial businesses. Today, we will discuss the many uses of commercial propane and how our GasTec teams can help support local Malvern, PA businesses.

Temp Heating

Nothing is worse than a cold workspace. In order to keep employees comfortable and projects on schedule, having the necessary heat in your work area throughout the winter months is key. Whether your team works from the same location each day or travels to different worksites, our Temporary Heating services can provide a comfortable workspace for you and your staff and well as a short-term solution to help different construction projects dry or cure. We can offer propane tanks of varying sizes that will fit your specific needs and our rates are known to be some of the most affordable and competitive.


Malvern is home to a wide variety of established restaurants and eateries. From Restaurant Alba to Julie Anne’s Place, our propane services can ensure Malvern restaurants are able to focus on serving their guests and not their restaurant’s temperature or gas equipment.

Our propane services can help restaurants power:

  • Fryers, ranges, ovens, flat tops, broilers
  • Heating of restaurant spaces
  • Heating water
  • Outdoor seating heat sources

Forklift Cylinder Program

One of our more popular programs is our forklift cylinder program. We are committed to helping your business run more efficiently and can supply propane forklift tanks to fit your individual needs. Through our scheduled delivery or propane cylinder exchange program, you can rest easy knowing your forklifts will be operational whenever they are needed. Whether your business specializes in shipping and delivery, automotive services, or storage and warehouses, we can offer you some of the industry’s best propane rates. If your propane company has left you empty without propane, Gastec has plenty and is ready to help.

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