GasTec on How Best to Prepare for a Winter Storm


Now that New Jersey has seen its first winter storm of the season, GasTec, provider of propane service in Mercer County, New Jersey, feels it is time to review how best to prepare for a winter storm. Extreme winter weather can create a variety of challenges for households, and to remain safe, it is crucial to prepare for every eventuality. Winter storms can bring power failures, loss of communication services, as well as icy roads. In addition to ensuring your home is heated during a winter storm, it is crucial that families prepare for the loss of power, cell reception, and hazardous road conditions.

Prepare Emergency Car Kit

Although it is best to remain within your home during a winter storm, families should also prepare a car kit in the event of an emergency that calls for driving. Some ways individuals can prepare their car for hazardous road conditions include storing a windshield scraper, shovel, flash flight, tow chains/rope, booster cables, and tire chains within their trunk. It is quite common for cars to become stuck in the snow or for car batteries to die in extremely cold weather. Additionally, GasTec recommends storing a portable cell phone charger, extra winter clothes, and food and water within their car in the event that the car is stuck in snow for long periods of time.

Prepare for Power Outages

Power outages are difficult to predict and can happen during any extreme weather event. Power outages can become quite dangerous in winter if a house relies solely on an electrical heating system. Preparing a secondary heating solution before a winter storm is crucial if your home is heated by an electrical heating system. Homes that own a gas fireplace may use this as a secondary option; however, be sure to install a battery backup for the starter so that it may run in the event of a power outage. Additionally, households can prepare for power outages by:

–        Stocking up on non-perishable food and water

–        Turning down the temperatures in their fridge

–        Properly insulating pipes to avoid bursts

–        Purchasing battery-powered flashlights and radios

Mercer County, New Jersey, propane service provider GasTec encourages households that rely on propane to heat their homes to stock up on propane this season. In the event of a winter storm, road conditions may prevent many households from being able to purchase additional canisters of propane.

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