GasTec, Supplier of Propane Services in Northampton County, PA Discusses the Many Uses of Propane in the Manufacturing Industry

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Since its foundation in 1752, Northampton County has become one of the epicenters of Pennsylvania export and has attracted numerous families and businesses to the Lehigh Valley area. GasTec, a leading provider of propane services in Northampton County, PA, has seen various Northampton County businesses flourish over the years but perhaps non more so than Northampton’s manufacturing industry. Today, the county leads Pennsylvania in chemical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and food manufacturing with help from companies like Phillips Enterprises Inc and Piramal Critical Care. Below, Gastec, a primary supplier of propane services to Northampton County, PA, will discuss how propane is used within Northampton County’s manufacturing industry.

Run Machinery – For decades, propane has been used to help power machines within the construction, agricultural, and manufacturing industries. For job site heaters to forklifts, propane is often the go-to fuel for many businesses due to its low cost, efficiency, and reliability. Additionally, propane autogas frequently has fewer challenges than other diesel trucks and vehicles. Propane autogas engines are less complex and do not require emission fluids. Propane autogas vehicles do not require particulate fillers to meet emissions regulations and will not need to be cleaned or maintained as frequently as other diesel vehicles.

Processing and Cutting Metal – While propane cannot be used for Gas Welding, propane is frequently used for brazing and cutting metals. Propane can be used to melt metals as it burns at an exceptionally high temperature (1980 C). Propane gas can be used to melt aluminum, bronze, brass and is frequently used in stationery and tilting crucible furnaces. For propane to burn at max efficiency, the oxygen-to-gas ratio must be within the recommended range. This range is typically four parts propane to 96 parts oxygen.

Create Materials – Nearly half of all propane used within the manufacturing industry is used to create plastic. However, propane is also frequently used within the manufacturing industry to develop other materials ranging from aerosol propellants to solvents and synthetic vulcanized rubber. For those who may not know, aerosol propellants are gases that have been compressed inside a steel or aluminum can and are used to distribute liquid particles ranging from hairspray to sunscreen. Although synthetic vulcanized rubber is not well-known, it is used in numerous everyday items, including bowling balls, toys, and car tires.

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