Why Montgomery County Prefers Propane

If you live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, then you’ve seen plenty of propane delivery service trucks go by. Propane is a major fuel source around the County, but if you don’t use propane yourself, you might wonder why everyone else is so keen. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Quick & Easy Heat – Winters get cold in Montgomery County, and propane helps keep construction companies and other businesses running. Any time there is a temporary work site in cold weather, it’s more cost effective to bring in a propane heating unit than it is to install permanent heating. Construction workers can have propane heat on-site and many warehouses and industrial sites use the substance, as well. It’s a cheap, effective way to keep workers warm.
  • Restaurants Love Propane – Many restaurants use propane stoves and other propane-powered appliances. Propane burners can provide tremendous heat to rapidly warm up fryers, as well as a good steady flame for grills and stovetop ranges. Perhaps most importantly, propane is a cost effective solution that doesn’t require expensive gas installation for an entire commercial kitchen.
  • Auto Propane Gas – You may not realize it, but there are millions of propane-powered vehicles on our roads today. While propane consumer vehicles are rare, many businesses prefer propane for their fleets because it burns cleaner, requires less maintenance, and brings down the overhead costs. Montgomery County is no exception, with plenty of businesses fielding propane powered vehicles.
  • Power Generators – This is the most popular consumer use for propane. Montgomery County residents like to be self-sufficient, and that means having your own power supply. Propane electric generators are inexpensive and easy to operate. Some families have them on hand in case of a blackout, while others use propane to generate electricity in cabins off the grid. It makes a huge difference in comfort when hunting, camping or fishing. Propane power can also supplement solar panels for an off-the-grid, earth-friendly combo.
  • In Home Use – Many Montgomery County homeowners prefer propane as their winter fuel of choice because it is cheap, it works well, and they don’t have to keep paying a utility bill when they’re not using it in the summer.

These are just a few of the reasons why people love propane in Montgomery County. Every year, more residents and businesses are switching to propane for these and other uses, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Do you use propane? What do you use it for?

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