New to Propane Usage? Don’t Sweat it!

propane companyThey say there’s a first time for everything, and if you’re someone who just bought or is renting a home that uses propane as its main source of power, the way it works might be something that’s new to you.

Many people are used to having natural gas or electric power their homes, but others may use a big propane tank that usually sits somewhere in the backyard. The only real difference between propane and these other forms of residential power is that propane gets delivered to you by a propane company that fills up your propane tank with a tank truck.

Having these propane professionals come to your home might seem like an unnecessary added step when it comes to supplying your home with power, but having propane company representatives visit you has extra benefits that you wouldn’t get with natural gas or electric. When a propane professional comes to refill your tank, they will often time check to make sure your energy supply is adequate and your propane gas system is running properly. This is important because, just like electricity or natural gas, propane can become dangerous if it is not handled or maintained the right way.

If you’re unsure of which propane company to call for help or tank refills, you might be able to find the answer on the tank itself. Many times propane tanks will have sticker or something else on it that gives the name and number of the propane company that is familiar with and usually services your tank.

If you’re renting a home with a propane tank, it’s wise to contact your landlord to gather more information about the tank and the propane company that services the tank. If you bought a home with a propane tank, contact the propane company yourself.

Now here’s a VERY important tip for anyone who is new to propane usage. When your very first propane gas delivery arrives, have the propane tank truck driver show you what propane smells like. This way you will know if there is ever a propane leak on your property, in which case you would have to contact your propane company immediately.

So if you’re about to embark on your first propane experience, don’t sweat it! Propane tanks are common forms of residential energy and the professionals at propane companies are there to help you along the way.

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