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Propane Bedminster Pennsylvania

Originally known as Bedminsterville, Bedminster is an unincorporated community within the Bedminster Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The gently rolling hills, divided by streams such as Deep Run, Mink Run, Deer Run, and Cabin Run likely attracted the earliest settlers. Almost a third of Bedminster was conveyed by the pen family to a William Allen of Philadelphia in 1730, a prosperous and prominent businessman of his time. Much of his property was confiscated in 1778 by the Pennsylvania assembly. His estate managed to re-obtain his land holdings in the early 1800s and preceded to auction off any unsold land at the John Shaw's Tavern in Dublin now the Dublin end. By 1815 most of the undeveloped land in Bedminster had been sold. Bedminster Township was formed in March of 1742. There were originally five villages in the Township of Bedminster: Pipersville, Hagersville, Keelersville, Dublin, and Bedminsterville. During much of Bedminster’s history, the main occupation was farming, mostly dairy. Everything that was needed could be found in any of the five villages that existed in the Township. Tax records of the late 1800’s show businesses and trades such as creameries, taverns, mills, general merchandise stores, masons, painters, shoemakers, saddlers and harness makers, tinsmiths, wheelwrights, carpenters and builders, butchers, cigar makers, and dealers, as well as doctors and clergymen.


Propane is a versatile and environmentally friendly source of power that can be used to power anything from as small scale as a backyard grill, to an entire chemical plant. Luckily for the residents of Bedminster, this community that is based on industrial practices is no problem for us here at Gastec. We specialize in both residential and commercial propane to be able to best meet the needs of all of our clients, no matter how big or small the workload. We make our propane services catered to each individual client to best fit their specific needs. Our company, Gastec, is a propane company that truly values the satisfaction of all of its customers. For us to feel like we are doing everything in our power to keep our customers happy, we offer 24/7 customer service, as well as 24/7 propane delivery services. Our propane company is based out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania just around the corner from Bedminster but are able to reach our clients throughout Delaware and New Jersey and perform excellent installations. Any and every one of our customers are in good hands with us here at Gastec, as we will ensure their propane is delivered and handled with care. The residents of Bedminster will be able to keep their lights on with the help of Gastec.