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Propane Beverly, New Jersey

Beverly is a small historic city inside Burlington County, New Jersey that was originally incorporated as a borough in 1850. Then in 1857, by an act of the New Jersey Legislature, Beverly was incorporated as a city and remains one of the smallest incorporated cities in the state. The historic town was built on the banks of the Delaware River beginning as a ferry port, originally named “Dunks Ferry”. Later on, the community was named Beverly after Beverley, England. Beverly is made up of various diverse neighborhoods. It has a small downtown with access to the Route 130 corridor. The River Line Light Rail connects Beverly to NJ Transit to New York City and the Patco rail line to Philadelphia. The County Clean Communities Program scheduled city-wide cleanups often. This is part of a statewide comprehensive strategy to clean up and prevent litter on beaches, parks, streets, recreation areas, construction sites, cities, and towns. The approach is a three-fold attack on litter by promoting public lands cleanup programs by community volunteers, the adoption and enforcement of anti-littering laws, and establishing an education program within the community for adults and children. 

With a city so focused on bettering their community, propane is the perfect choice for an environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Not only is propane a clean source of power, but it can also handle really big jobs so it can be used for large- and small-scale projects. Here at Gastec, we are able to help our clients with the perfect fits for their propane services needs. Since you never know when an issue may arise, we provide 24/7 customer service for our clients to make sure they are always satisfied. Since our propane company is based out of Pennsylvania, we also provide propane delivery services that reach our customers across New Jersey, Delaware, and PA. Propane is a versatile source of power that can be used for an assortment of different things. Residential propane is the kind of propane that can be used to power a kitchen stove, heat a hot shower, and keep the house warm. Propane can also be used for the bigger jobs such as providing power for a school, restaurant, or any other type of commercial building. Thankfully, we specialize in residential and commercial propane here. The happiness and contentment of our customer is our number one goal. Call our experts and experience the Gastec difference.