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Propane Birmingham, New Jersey

Birmingham is a very small unincorporated community that is part of Pemberton Township in Burlington County, New Jersey. This micro-community is sparsely populated, with a report of as little as 33 residents. Believe it or not, the elevation in Birmingham is 33 feet. Despite its small size, the community is still a valuable addition to the Garden State with its early rich history. Dating back to 1677, a Quaker from Yorkshire, England by the name of Thomas Hutchinson ventured over to the American colonies. By 1687, he had a 2,500-acre portion of the northern tenth of West Jersey and called it Hutchinson’s Manor. His land stretched along the Delaware from Parkside Avenue to Mountain View Road, and extended out to approximately Parkway Avenue, continuing to a line near Bear Tavern Road up to Mountain View Road. Hutchinson passed away in 1689 and left his land to his son John. Eventually, portions of the land were sold to others who were coming to reside in the area. A crossroads within the rural area of the Hutchinson Manor eventually emerged and was named Birmingham. By the mid-1700s, there were several homes, a blacksmith, and a tavern/public house in the community.

Even with how small the community of Birmingham is, they still are in need of top-notch propane services. Thankfully, the residents and business owners in Birmingham are in the reliable hands of our experts for all their propane needs. There may not be many homes in this community, but the few that there are, will be able to use the residential propane services provided by our team. These residential propane services include uses such as heating homes, warming water, and running lights. For the bigger jobs in the community, like the chemical plant in the center of town, our commercial propane services are well equipped. Commercial propane services can even include anything from powering a forklift to an entire strip mall. Our customers are our highest priority, so in order to keep them happy we offer access to our customer service department day and night. Since our propane company is based in Pennsylvania, we extend propane delivery services to all of our customers, whether they are located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey. Here at Gastec, we take pride in our work and will do our best to take on any job, no matter the difficulty or size.