Propane New Jersey

Propane Branchville Borough, New Jersey

Branchville is a borough in Sussex County, New Jersey with a population of around 841 people and a total area of around .60 square miles, .01 of that being water. Branchville was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 9, 1898, from parts of Frankford Township and it was named after its site at a branch of the Paulins Kill. Branchville was settled in the 18th century by settlers from Connecticut and it grew quickly in the 1820s because of how the town was divided into building lots. It was a well-established community by 1844 because it had 32 dwellings, mills, blacksmiths, an academy, a church, as well as a variety of other factories and businesses. In 1855, they added two mills powered by water and a dam, which furthered the success of the small community. Between 1869 and 1871, forty new houses were built along with a railroad which made it possible to ship products from the local mills and creameries to larger areas around the borough towards the east. Tourism was also spurred by the lake in the borough and at one point 6 trains were running to the borough a day of people wanting to live the peaceful country life or vacation in the borough. 

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