Propane New Jersey

Propane Broadway, New Jersey

Located within Franklin Township is Broadway, New Jersey, an unincorporated community with a population of 244 citizens. An unincorporated community is a general term often used to refer to a geographic area without a municipal organization of an official political designation. The two types of unincorporated communities are a neighborhood or community existing within one or multiple incorporated areas or a neighborhood or community existing outside an incorporated municipal government. Broadway, New Jersey, is an excellent example of the first type of unincorporated community, as Broadway exists within an already incorporated community, Franklin Township.

Franklin Township is located within Lehigh Valley's eastern region and currently has a population of close to 3,000 residents. Franklin was incorporated as a township in 1839, from portions of Greenwich Township, Mansfield Township, and Oxford Township, and named after Benjamin Franklin. Today, Franklin Township holds one school district within its borders, which is comprised of one school. Franklin Township School District serves students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Students grade seven and above attend Warren Hills Regional School District, which caters to children from Mansfield Township, Washington Borough, Washington Township, and Oxford Township as well.

While Franklin Township spans 23.51 sq miles, Broadway spans only .371 sq miles. For the past ten years, Franklin Township and Broadway citizens have used Interstate 78/US 22 to travel within the area and its 52.92 miles of roadways. Broadway is often used as a rest stop and overnight location for many cross-country travelers and trucking fleets due to its proximity to major highways. The area shares a border with the Poconos mountain range, a popular vacationing destination for Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and New Jersey Residents. Some of the many attractions in the Poconos include hiking trails, white water rafting, fine dining, ski mountains, and camping areas. 

Propane company GasTec is a proud provider of propane and propane services for both small and large communities. GasTec recognizes the importance of servicing rural communities throughout the east coast and hopes to continue to power agriculture and private homes within the Broadway and Franklin Township area. Whether it be heating local Broadway homes or powering the many fleets that travel through the area, GasTec is firmly committed to servicing the residents of Broadway, New Jersey through their many programs including residential propane and propane delivery services.