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Broomall is a town in Marple Township, Delaware County with a population of about 10,789 lovely people and a total area of about 2.9 square miles. Broomall is a part of the Marple Newtown School District, and the town holds multiple schools that are a part of the district. The schools include Culbertson Elementary, Loomis Elementary, Russell Elementary, Worrall Elementary, and Paxon Hollow Middle School. Broomall is considered a crossroads community and it was named Broomall after the post office was established to honor John Martin Broomall. He was a congressman and Electoral College member in the 19th century. Broomall has another piece of history though. The Thomas Massey House in the town is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Thomas Massey House was built in 1696 and it’s one of the oldest houses in the area. Described as a step back in time by a reviewer, the Thomas Massey House is a great place to visit if you like small houses with a lot of history and personality. 

Gastec has had a long and wonderful relationship with the borough of Broomhall throughout the years. We deliver to both residential and commercial buildings in Broomall, and are proud to say that our propane heats many of the historic buildings throughout Broomall. Our clients in Broomall trust our services because of our dedication to customer service and low prices. They know that they can call our 24/7 customer service and hear about the best delivery services in town. The people of Broomall use residential propane to warm up their homes, keep the power on during a power outage, or cook a meal. Gastec offers its propane for an affordable price that competes with other propane companies in Pennsylvania. Gastec works with its customers from the beginning of their propane experience, and they’re willing to help the customer with any problems they may have. Gastec cares about their customers and their happiness. Any customer is in good hands with Gastec, and they can trust that the propane they need will always be handled and installed with care.