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Propane Changewater, New Jersey

Changewater, New Jersey, is an unincorporated community located within Washington Township, in Warren County, New Jersey. Changewater is located near the Musconetcong River, southeast of Washington. The community was named for its location and proximity to the river's upper and lower branches.  The Musconetcong River is well known for being a tributary of the Delaware River and runs for 45.7 miles through northwestern New Jersey. The river does not flow through any major town or large population center and so has remained largely untouched by industry and construction projects. In 2011, the river's record flow was documented as Hurricane Irene caused the river to rise significantly. 

In the early 18ty century, Changewater and the surrounding areas were deforested and used as fuel for the charcoal and iron industries. However, these industries declined by the mid-1850s after the creation of the Morris Canal, which brought coal from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The Morris Canal was later demolished in 1924 after railroads were introduced in the late 19th century. Today, the Musconetcong River is a popular destination for summer homes and cottages. 

Recently, archeological evidence has been discovered linking 12,000 human remains to the Musconetcong Valley. These humans would have existed during the end of the last ice age. The archeological discovery near Changewater is the first of two major Paleo-Indian archaeological sites in New Jersey and is considered to be one of the most important excavations in the northeastern United States. 

Changewater history is often centered around the town's industries. The Changewater Forge, one of the early iron furnaces in the county, was established in Changewater in the mid-1700s by Mark Thomas. In the 1800s, various new industries were established within the community, including a woolen factory, a tannery, a picture frame factory, a snuff factory, a flour mill, and a distillery. 

Today, Changewater is mostly residential, with one post office still functioning in town. One of the last recorded census's listed Changewater's population as 200 in 1918. Propane company GasTec is proud to service a town with such a rich and fascinating history like Changewater's. From residential propane services, including propane home heating, to industrial services like community development, GasTec is there to help. Now, GasTec is able to provide the residents of Changewater with even more competitive services with the introduction of their propane delivery program. While GasTec was not a part of Changewater’s history, it is committed to helping Changewater build a new and dynamic future.