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Danboro is an unincorporated community within the southwestern part of the Plumstead Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania at the intersection of Ferry Road, Danboro Point Pleasant Pike, and Old Easton Road north. Plumstead Township was formed shortly after 1700 by English Quakers who came to Pennsylvania to help fulfill William Penn's dream of a land of religious freedom. Prior to the American Revolution, Danboro was known as Clover Hill due to the abundance of red clover grown throughout farms in the area. Later, in a testament to himself, Daniel Thomas named it Danville. Thomas was an early settler and held various county posts between 1794 and 1811, including coroner and sheriff. Samuel Nicholas owned both a stage line and the Danville Inn, operating it as a stagecoach stopover. Another name change in 1834 found the village known as Danborough. A post office wasn't established until more than three decades later. Much of the terrain in Danboro and the greater Plumstead Township area is steep and rocky, but it also has productive farmland. Today, Danboro is fortunate to have many of its farms still functioning and often by families that have owned them for generations. 


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