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Ottsville is an unincorporated community within the Tinicum Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Ottsville is one of the oldest villages in northern Bucks County. The first settlers in the area were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, who founded a church in Ottsville around 1738. The village was known as both 'Red Hill' and 'Ottsville' for over one hundred years. The name Red Hill was taken from the red rock and soil on which the village is located. When a post office was established in 1814, the name had been changed to Ottsville because another post office using the name Red Hill was already in Montgomery County. Ottsville was chosen in honor of an influential family in Tinicum Township. However, the main part of the village to the south of the post office continued to be known as Red Hill. The use of Red Hill finally faded out after the post office was moved to the lower part of the village. Today the main road through Ottsville is quiet and infrequently traveled. The village was bypassed by Easton Road, also known as Route 611 so that most traffic speeds by Ottsville without ever seeing the village. However, there are numerous commercial enterprises in Ottsville, and a sign near the southern intersection of Route 611 and Durham Road directs motorists towards these businesses. Ottsville is a relatively large commercial village with about 30 houses located along Durham Road. The center of the village principally consists of older stores and houses, while the edges are a mixture of old and new construction. Many street trees, a large lily pond, and the absence of heavy traffic all contribute to a pleasant village setting. 


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