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The county seat, Somerville, is a borough within the Bridgewater Township in Somerset County, New Jersey that is home to around 11,600 people. Somerville was settled in colonial times primarily by the Dutch who purchased land from the English proprietors of the colony. The early village grew up around a church, courthouse, and tavern built at a crossroads shortly after the American Revolution. The name "Somerville" was taken from four brothers of the Somerville family who first founded the town in the 1750s. Somerville was originally a sparsely populated farming community but rapidly grew after the completion of the railroad in the 1840s and the development of water power along the Raritan River in the 1850s. Early industry included brick making from the plentiful red clay and shale on which Somerville is built. While much of the borough features distinctive Victorian architecture in several neighborhoods and along its Main Street, other periods are represented. Main Street Somerville maintains most of its historical buildings, although many are now boutique specialty shops and secondhand shops. In many ways, Somerville remains Somerset County's downtown and is the heart of its designated Regional Center. Several of the factories in Somerville were abandoned and replaced with modern office buildings or remodeled as apartments.


Being the heart and downtown of Somerset County, Somerville needs a reliable source of power to keep the regional center and surrounding residential areas up and running smoothly. Here at Gastec, we can offer our top-rated residential and commercial propane services to fit the needs of this community. With Somerville being the hub for retail and commercial activity as well as the County Seat, they need a power source that they can rely on. The commercial propane services that we offer here at Gastec would be the perfect fit for the homes and businesses in Somerville. We can help people keep on the lights, the stove, the hot water, and the generator. These are all examples of residential propane, which is something that we have years of experience with. Residential propane is the propane that helps to run your home. We also provide services for commercial propane. This is the propane that can power forklifts, farms, restaurants, and more. To make sure that our customers are always taken care of, we have customer service agents ready to answer the phone with any questions, day or night. Our propane company is based out of Pennsylvania but is also able to reach clients all over New Jersey and Delaware with our propane delivery services. The best part about all these amazing benefits of using Gastec to help with your propane needs, we supply them to you for affordable prices. We genuinely care about our customers and want their wallets to stay happy as well. The full gratification of our customers is our number one goal. The residents of Somerville will not have to stress over keeping their homes warm with the help from us at Gastec.