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Warrington is a township within Bucks County, Pennsylvania that is home to just over 23,400 people. Warrington Township was founded in October 1734 and is named after the town of Warrington in Cheshire, England, or, possibly, after the hamlet of Warrington in Buckinghamshire, England. The early township consisted of four villages: Warrington, Neshaminy, Tradesville, and Pleasantville. Warrington was located at the intersection of Bristol Road and the Doylestown-Willow Grove Turnpike, now known as Easton Road, or Route 611. The Warrington Township was long-ago designated as “The Gateway to Historic Bucks County.” Warrington is not only a dynamic residential area but a bustling commercial center, as well. Across its 13.8 square miles, the Warrington community is nestled amidst both agricultural and preserved lands, including 300 acres dedicated to parks and active recreation and nearly 700 acres of open space. Diverse in terms of its land-use, communities, and commerce, residents enjoy a thriving quality of life with convenient access to countless Bucks County historic, cultural, and artistic gems. Warrington is proud of its tradition of responsible growth and development and is dedicated to the same steadfast approach to the administration of municipal government our forefathers exemplified over 200 years ago. 


The propane services here at Gastec are worthy for the people of Warrington. There is not a job that we will not try and tackle. Every customer is a valued customer and gets our complete attention. This is why we provide around-the-clock access to our customer service team to help you with any questions that may come your way. We can give our clients the best possible service, for the lowest possible price. This helps in keeping our customers happy at all times. Our propane delivery services outshine all of the others as we can effectively reach our clients in short amounts of time. The convenience of having your propane delivered to your door is pretty hard to beat as well. Here at Gastec, we offer the best of the best when it comes to residential or commercial propane services. Residential propane is what people can use to warm their homes, power a stove, or turn on the lights. The eco-friendly fuel can also be used in commercial settings and is very helpful with construction and other larger commercial projects. The residents of the Warrington township will be staying warm this winter with the help of Gastec.