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The village of Upper Black Eddy is located 58 miles southwest of New York City within the Bridgeton Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Upper Black Eddy originates from the Black family who operated a hotel at this point on the Delaware River and did share part of its unique name with the former village of Lower Black Eddy now known as Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The village's growth in the early 19th century was due to the opening of the Pennsylvania Canal passing through the village as a result canal-related businesses sprang up quickly, including a shipyard, mule stables, general store, and several hotels; the most notable was the Upper Black Eddy Inn. This was later transformed into Chef Tell's Manor House, which closed in 2004 and was demolished in 2010. Homestead General Store, the oldest continually operating general store on the Delaware Canal is located in Upper Black Eddy along with Homestead Coffee Roasters, an artisan coffee roaster specializing in organic and fair-trade coffee. The Bridgeton House on the Delaware, a B&B inn, which opened in 1981, continues the tradition of lodging on the Delaware. Upper Black Eddy was supposedly a favored vacation spot for President Grover Cleveland due to his love for fishing.


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