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Wycombe is an unincorporated community within the Wrightstown Township and the Buckingham Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Wycombe Village is situated on Mill Creek and straddles Township Line Road, the boundary separating Buckingham from Wrightstown Township. The major significance of the village of Wycombe, and what makes it almost unique in Bucks County, is that it developed as a direct result of the modern transportation age boom that reached rural Bucks County at the end of the nineteenth century and that it has, with little intrusion, retained its sense of time and place. Even though there are a handful of the eighteenth and early nineteenth-century structures including an old grist mill within the boundaries of the district; the overwhelming majority of the development in the village only began in the last decade of the nineteenth century after the opening of the New Hope-Ivyland Branch of the Northeast Pennsylvania Railroad and the first decade of the twentieth century after the opening of the Newtown-Doylestown trolley line. With the opening of these two transportation systems, and particularly the railroad, the Wycombe area was transformed from rural farmland dotted with old stone houses into an active service-oriented village. The New Hope and Ivyland Railroad still owns the rail line through the town, and, having finished restoring the former Reading Company station building in 2011, intends to restore service through Wycombe. They also store some of their original passenger cars last used in the 1970s adjacent to the station. 


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