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Located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 202 and Durham Road, Durham is an unincorporated community in the Durham Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Settlers began arriving in the area when the first iron forge was founded in 1698. Interestingly enough, it was the iron furnace and the raw ore found in the hills of Durham that brought Europeans here much earlier than to the surrounding townships, and thus precluded Durham’s formulation as a political entity, a township. A blast furnace was built in 1727. The Durham Furnace did not produce appreciable iron or iron products for worldwide consumption. Transport to Philadelphia, and thus to England, was a problem due to the shallow depths of the Delaware River, and the high cost of freight overseas. At that early time, Russian iron was being sold in England at less cost than that which could be manufactured in Durham and shipped to England. The furnace produced pig iron and forged products primarily for American consumption and contributed mightily to the success of the American Revolution through the manufacture of shot and shell for General George Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War. Today, Durham has a population of about 1,150 people and remains modestly the same as it was found by the Europeans who first arrived here prior to 1700.


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