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Propane East Texas, Pennsylvania

East Texas is a village in Lower Macungie Township in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Today Lower Macungie is noted for its comfortable housing developments. It has become one of the most desirable parts of the Lehigh Valley for many families, who have chosen to live there because of the township’s attractive landscape, acres of open space, and excellent schools. The story of East Texas dates to 1845, when the hamlet of Macungie Square got a hotel and train stop, drawing Pennsylvania German miners and the Irish railroad laborers on pay day. The two groups would drink too much and get into rowdy fights. The brawls reminded people of the American frontier, so they began calling the area New Texas. Later, during a campaign to get a post office there, the name was changed to East Texas after petitioners discovered the names Texas and New Texas had already been claimed in Pennsylvania. The Little Lehigh Creek runs along the southern part of East Texas, creating a natural boundary. The first of many water-powered grist mills in Lower Macungie that served the needs of farmers were built in the mid-eighteenth century. Most of them were along the Little Lehigh Creek and required dams across the creek to direct water into long headraces. In the last decades of the nineteenth century some millers installed water turbines or steam engines for power. 

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