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Propane Flagtown New Jersey

Flagtown is an unincorporated community located within the Hillsborough Township in Somerset County, New Jersey. A popular misconception states that Flagtown derived its name from the practice of displaying a flag at the station to signal an oncoming train to stop for passengers. The problem with that is Flagtown was named long before any trains rolled through the town. Originally spelled "Flaggtown", the community was named after the 18th century Hillsborough resident and landowner Jacob Flagg. Around 1800, Flagg owned property and a tavern near where the YMCA is located today, at the corner of South Branch Road and East Mountain Road. Two centuries ago, this was the intersection of the original Amwell Road and the road to South Branch. During election time the tavern served as a voting place. The Lehigh Valley Railroad and the South Branch of the Jersey Central each had stations near Flaggtown. Since the tracks did not pass through Flaggtown, the station area was named Flaggtown Station. The first school was built there about 1725 on a knoll near the railroad station and it is said that William Parrish taught there. The building was replaced in 1795, painted red and white casings to the doors and windows and called, “The Old Red School House.” 


The residents of Flagtown would be able to help maintain and even improve the quality of their community by choosing propane to power their homes. Propane is a clean source of power that is both safe for the environment and quite useful in many different settings. Here at Gastec, we provide our clients with the propane serves that best fit their needs. We specialize in residential propane for at-home, and commercial propane for businesses. Residential propane could be anything from taking a hot shower to powering a generator. There are just so many unique ways to use propane. Our propane company also can take on larger scale projects with our commercial propane. Keeping the restored “Old Red School House” warm in the winter could be a task for our commercial propane. In the hopes of always keeping our customers happy, we supply them with constant access to our customer service team. We want to make sure that our clients are offered the absolute best services for the most reasonable price. This helps in keeping our customers happy. With our propane delivery services, Flagtown, New Jersey is not too far from our Pennsylvania-based company. Gastec is ready to help with any propane needs their clients may have.