Propane Pennsylvania

Propane Services Garnet Valley Pennsylvania

Garnet Valley, an unincorporated community located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania named after the garnet mines established in Bethel Township is just one of the many places where you can be assisted by Gastec, our propane company! We’re able to help out all over the state of Pennsylvania, and we’re happy to say that includes the 28,500 people that live in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania. The name Garnet Valley was chosen by the United States Postal Service when it decided to allow residents of Bethel Township and Concord Township to be separated from the Upper Chichester Township area. 

If you’re looking for something to do in the Garnet Valley area, there is always the Booths Corner Farmers Market! Called a fun and eclectic market where Amish meets flea, the Booths Corner Farmers Market is a place where visitors can buy from any number of vendors. The market has outstanding reviews and everything from fresh delicious food to retail stores. It’s been called an amazing trip no matter what time of year. 

Now, back to Gastec...remember us? Well, we can offer a farmer’s market worth of propane and knowledge about propane for you. We can help out with your residential propane needs or your commercial propane needs. We have delivery services and an incredible staff. We care about our customers and we want you to have the greatest service and price we can offer. You can use our propane to cook a meal, keep your house warm, or keep the lights on in the event of a power outage. Our commercial propane can help you power huge commercial buildings. We want your satisfaction with your propane and our service, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Here at Gastec, we care about Pennsylvania and our citizens wallets, so we’ll even make sure that you’ll get a great price along with your great propane.