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Propane Glenmoore Pennsylvania

Glenmoore is a small community in Wallace Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The village is home to the smallest church in the world, and the downtown area is so tiny that there’s only has an intersection (that never has any traffic), an antique shop, and a convenience store. Glenmoore, Pennsylvania is also the birthplace of Union Army Colonel, William Moore McClure.   

Glenmoore is a small village, but that doesn’t mean that your time there has to be boring! Glenmoore is close to the Turkey Hill Experience, which is a fun time for the whole family. At the Turkey Hill Experience, you can walk around and see the history of Turkey Hill and enjoy a bunch of different flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream. You can also make your flavor and play interactive games about the history of Turkey Hill throughout the tour. Glenmoore is also near to the Marsh Creek State Park, which is a lovely area with tons of room for different outdoor activities, such as picnicking, water sports, fishing, walking trails, public pools, boat rentals, and more. Glenmoore may be a quiet village, but your time there doesn’t have to be boring. 

When you have finished exploring the area, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to stay warm in the house or cook your homemade dinner. The option of propane is always there for you and your family. Propane is a clean source of power that can do anything from heat a building to power a bus or forklift. Gastec is our Pennsylvania based propane company that is proud to offer a large variety of propane services. We offer 24/7 customer service with our amazing staff that is always ready to help out a propane interested customer and we like to boast that “no job is too big or too small”. With our residential propane, you can do things like heat your house, cook a nice meal, or keep the power on in the event of an electrical outage or emergency. Any customer is in good hands with our company because we care about the customer, their needs, and their propane. Your propane will always be delivered with and installed with care and finesse. Pennsylvania can rely on everyone here at Gastec to work with them to find a propane service plan fit just for them.