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Propane Hardyston Township, New Jersey

Hardyston, Township is a township in Sussex County, New Jersey. The township has a population of around 8,213 kind residents and a total area of around 32.65 square miles, with 31.99 square miles of that being land and about .66 square miles of the total area being water. The area is ranked 74th out of 565 in state and 7th out of 24 in the county. Hardyston Township was set off from portions of Newton Township by Royal charter on February 25, 1762. It was named after Josiah Hardy, who was royal governor of New Jersey from 1761 to 1763. The original British spelling of Hardiston was Americanized to Hardyston after the American Revolutionary War. Hardyston was incorporated on February 21, 1798, by an act of the New Jersey Legislature as one of New Jersey's original group of 104 townships. Over the centuries, portions of the township were taken to form Vernon Township (April 8, 1793), Sparta Township (April 14, 1845), Franklin (March 18, 1913) and Hamburg (March 19, 1920). 

Near Hardyston Township is the Franklin Mineral Museum. The museum has 3 main galleries, one for rocks, minerals, and gems, one for fossils, and another for American Indian Art with arrowheads and other pieces of history. The Museum is described as a great place to visit and a must see. Go visit and enjoy the fluorescent room and mine shaft walk. There is also the Ballyowen Golf Course nearby in Hamburg, New Jersey. 

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