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Propane Hopatcong Borough, New Jersey

Hopatcong Borough is a borough in Sussex County, New Jersey with a population of around 15,147 people, which has declined by 741 people from when the census had previously been taken in the area in the year 2000 when the population used to be 15,888. The borough has a total area of around 12.35 square miles with 10.89 square miles of that being land and 1.46 square miles of the total area being water. Hopatcong has a rich history with New York City because it began as a getaway for rich residents of the city. There was an amusement park called Bertrand’s Land and it was visited by many. After the construction of Interstate 80, a highway that stretches from Teaneck, New Jersey, all the way across the country to San Francisco, California, triggered rapid growth in New York City's suburbs and led to Hopatcong becoming a permanent residential community. The area had been called "Brookland" in the 19th century and the lake that was expanded to become Lake Hopatcong had been known as "Great Pond" or "Brookland Pond". Hopatcong was originally established as the Town of Brooklyn on April 2, 1898, from portions of Byram Township. On March 22, 1901, the Borough of Hopatcong replaced Brooklyn. In 1922, residents of Byram Cove, Northwood, and other areas to the west of the original land area of the borough, voted to leave Byram Township and join Hopatcong, leaving the Borough with its current borders. 

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