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Propane Lambertville, New Jersey

Located on the Delaware River in Hunterdon County, today, Lambertville is home to nearly 4,000 residents and the site of many prominent historical landmarks. Throughout the 18th century, the area was well known for the many ferries which crossed the river to Pennsylvania. One of the ferrymen, Emanuel Coryell,  became the namesake of the area for many years before the community chose to rename the area Lambertville. Emanuel Coryell originally bought the property and the area in 1731 and received a charter to operate a ferry between Lambertville and New Hope. During this time, he opened a tavern and inn that served travelers going between New York City and Philadelphia. 

Lambertville was incorporated as a town by New Jersey Legislature on March 1, 1849, from portions of West Amwell Township before being reincorporated as a city in 1872. During the 19th century, Lambertville became a well-known factory town due to its location to the Delaware and Raritan Canal and Belvidere Delaware Railroad. There were a number of factories built in the area, which develop products ranging from underwear to rubber bands. After the invention of automobiles, the use of the canal became redundant, and the factories in the area began shutting down; however, some factories lasted until the 1970s. 

In the 1980s, the town began to attract artists and retired creatives. Since then, the town has become a tourist destination for families and couples, with a number of shops, restaurants, galleries, and B&Bs in the area. The canal now serves as a path for joggers, cyclists, and walkers in the area. Tourists have also been known to visit the many historic sites in Lambertville, including the James W. Marshall House, the Lambertville House, and the Kalmia Club. The James W. Marshall House is exceptionally well known as it was the boyhood home of James W. Marshall, whose discovery of gold in the American River in California led to the California Gold Rush. Today, the site serves as the headquarters of the Lambertville Historical Society. 

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