Propane Pennsylvania

Propane in Landenberg Pennsylvania 

Landenberg is an unincorporated community in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania with a population of around 11,700 people. Landenberg is considered a post office address because it covers parts of New Garden, London Britain, and Franklin Township. Landenberg is cut in half by the White Clay Creek and Preserve, an 18.5-mile long creek named after the sediment from Chester County that falls into the water. Landenberg has a bunch of historic areas, which include the Landenberg community and the Ticking Tomb.  

Believed to be the inspiration behind The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, the Ticking Tomb is a grave that is rumored to have a ticking noise coming from it. The legend goes, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were going through Landenberg to mark out a trail for a rail line. A young boy somehow took Mason’s pocket watch and swallowed it. Charles Mason was clearly not happy about that, so he put a curse on the boy to have the watch tick for the rest of his life. It’s said that the ticking continued into the boy’s death, and the ticking can still be heard today. Nowadays, people can stay in the Landenberg Bed and Breakfast and pay a visit to the gravesite to see if they can hear the ticking for themselves. 

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