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Known as the first independent, self-governing black municipality north of the Mason-Dixon Line in 1840 is the borough of Lawnside in Camden County, New Jersey. The land was purchased by abolitionists, or those trying to end slavery, in order to create a community for freed and escaped slaves to be safe. Earlier known as "Snow Hill" and "Free Haven", the borough was named for the train station constructed by the Reading Railroad along the Atlantic City Railroad in 1907. On April 20, 1926, all who could, passed through the doors of the public school on Warwick Road to cast their ballot in the Official Special election of the borough of Lawnside. Just one month earlier, on March 23, 1926, New Jersey Governor A. Harry Moore signed into law State Assembly Bill 561, dissolved Center Township - of which Lawnside was a part - and incorporated the Borough of Lawnside. This first election propelled Lawnside into the local and national spotlight and claimed its place in history, becoming the first independent self-governing African American community north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Both freedmen and escaped slaves were drawn to the community as the anti-slavery movement grew. All the while, the community was part of the larger Centre Township, with representation on the town council. To this day, Lawnside's population continues to be predominantly African American and extremely proud of its heritage, as evidenced on its borough seal. 

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