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Home to a little more than 3,400 residents and best-known regionally for its Revolutionary War sites, Malvern in Chester County is indeed a desirable place to live. Its proximity to both Philadelphia and Delaware makes it a popular destination for those with the local job market in mind. Further, those who would also like local companies providing propane to Malvern residents and businesses have Bucks County’s GasTec to turn to.

Historical Significance

Malvern Train StationAs with all boroughs, Malvern is on the smaller side when it comes to municipal boundaries. The official website pegs the geography of this “unique, small town village” at just 1.3 square miles. adds that the borough “has experienced significant growth over the past few years and continues to see tremendous revitalization in both the residential and commercial districts.” This growth, including increased propane delivery in Malvern from local full-service residential propane provider GasTec, has driven up residency rates. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, just under 3,000 people called Malvern home; the 2017 estimate was 3,441. No description of Malvern is complete without mention of its role during the American Revolution. The 44-acre Paoli Battlefield was the site of a large overnight 1777 battle between British forces and an unprepared American encampment. No matter if you’re a local or a long-time resident, this site deserves a visit.

Modern-Day Growth

This great location is boosted by Malvern propane company GasTec and makes it a great place to work as well as live. Borough-based companies that have put Malvern on the map include investment advisors The Vanguard Group, real estate company Liberty Property Trust, semiconductor manufacturer Vishay Intertechnology, and automotive accessory retailer AmericanMuscle. In the eyes of a Malvern propane delivery service like GasTec, the prevalence of major operations means that infrastructure will need to either be built or serviced regularly. By turning to Gastec, the need for propane delivery or design of cost-effective systems both large and small can make life just a bit easier. In a community like Malvern, where GasTec is the go-to propane company, residents know to call us for their propane solutions.

Malvern, PA Propane Company

GasTec knows quite a bit when it comes propane services in Malvern, PA as we are extremely dedicated to the quality of work that we provide to both residential and commercial properties. Our employees bring professional experience within the propane industry to the table and we take our Malvern, PA clients very serious. Our drivers deliver propane to the people of Malvern, PA with an unbeatable customer service experience.

GasTec is the top delivery service and supplier of propane in Malvern, PA because our family of drivers know that your family or business is dependent on our propane services. Helping you preserve a relaxed home or business that uses propane, we are here for you around the clock. You can count on GasTec!

If you’re in Malvern and are looking to propane for in-home heating, pool heating, hot water, cooking, lighting and more, GasTec can build you a manageable plan that fits your budget and help reduce your energy costs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your propane needs in Malvern.