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Home to roughly 3,000 residents and located a short drive south of Philadelphia, Marcus Hook has long been a place that’s closely associated with energy. GasTec, who provides propane delivery to Marcus Hook, appreciates the fact that a town has grown up alongside companies that help keep the heat on. For those in Marcus Hook who love their town both for its history and ease-of-access to New Jersey and Delaware, this article will shed a bit lighter on the Delaware County borough. For those looking to move in and need a residential propane company to assist with utilities in Marcus Hook, we’ll have more on that, too.

Easy Access

ok’s roots can be traced back to the mid-1600s and modern history records that it was also a hotbed for English, Dutch and Quaker colonists in the pre-Revolutionary War era. As with towns across Pennsylvania, the war for independence wouldn’t spare Marcus Hook. According to the borough’s official website, “the Continental Army camped in the borough in August-September 1777 and there is some evidence that a training camp for the Pennsylvania militia was maintained 1776 to 1779 on the west bank of Marcus Hook Creek.”

Water has been a key geographic feature of Marcus Hook and its proximity to the Delaware River – and by that, we mean the fact that it borders the major waterway – has helped the major industry thrive here. The energy sector has paid attention to this feature, but it hasn’t escaped the attention of GasTec, either. As a propane delivery service headquartered in Bucks County, GasTec has never been more than a short drive down I-95 away from Marcus Hook residents and businesses looking for propane services.

Fast and Efficient

In its consumer form, propane can be used to heat your house, run an indoor fireplace, warm your pool, boil water, fuel lamps, power dryers and so much more. This type of convenience is appreciated by those who want to stop using oil as a source of heat while also taking advantage of a far more efficient natural resource. For companies or construction sites in Marcus Hook considering GasTec as the propane company that’s right for them, work sites can be warmed with propane heaters while on-site filling stations can also be built during this timeframe.

Marcus Hook Propane Company

GasTec has been proudly offering propane services in Marcus Hook, PA for years. Our commitment to this community is shown in the quality of work we provide for each commercial and residential property. We are fortunate to have the top propane specialists in the area working for our team, and they are excited to put that experience to work for their customers. When you see the GasTec logo on a delivery truck in Marcus Hook, PA, we want you to know that our logo stands for unmatched customer service.

GasTec has earned a reputation as the top delivery service and supplier of propane in Marcus Hook, PA because our drivers love what they do, and they love a job well done. We want you to know that you can call GasTec at any time to provide a superior propane delivery service for your residential or commercial needs.

If you’re in need of our propane services in Marcus Hook for in-home heating, hot water, cooking, pool heating or any other heating need, our experts are here to help. Every one of our propane services can be customized to meet your budget and your needs. A lot of our customers call on GasTec looking to reduce their energy costs. We are happy to assist them not only lower their bill but better help the environment.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your propane needs in Marcus Hook.