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Propane Mechanicsville Pennsylvania


Mechanicsville is a well-preserved historic village within the Buckingham Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Buckingham is the biggest township in the county, covering 33 square miles. Its geography is dominated by Buckingham Mountain which rises to a height of 520 feet, but its landscape is characterized by gently rolling countryside. Blessed by many streams and rich soil, it has yielded bountiful harvests for 300 years. Agriculture has been Buckingham's principal industry since its founding, and the Township still retains a strong farm community. However, since the mid-1970s, there has been a substantial shift in the landscape from rural to suburban. Historically, Mechanicsville is significant for its development in the early 19th century as a center for artisans. Later in the century, the village's commercial significance was revived by the Samuel Wilson Seed Company, one of Bucks County's prominent seed suppliers. Wilson's seed company was said, "to have been the largest seed business in the United States capitalized and conducted by a single individual" during the late nineteenth century and was one of three seed companies listed in the 1894 Directory for Bucks County. The preservation of Mechanicsville’s scenic and historic character enhances the value of all the properties.


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