Propane Pennsylvania

Located just south of Route 1 in the heart of Delaware County, Media is easily accessible from Philadelphia but this community of some 5,000 residents has built a reputation that’s all in its own. Media is affectionately known as “Everybody’s Hometown” and was the place of birth to people like former First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley, former U.S. Navy Admiral William H.G. Bullard, comedian Wanda Sykes, and late Philadelphia Phillies announcer Harry Kalas. Not a bad line-up, and propane company GasTec has been happy to help these residents and many others over the decades. The residential applications of propane, which provide a much-needed alternative to oil as a heat source, is something that Media residents value.

Stovetop Solutions in Media

One of the most-popular bi-annual events in Media is “Restaurant Week” that is held in both April and November. Eateries along West State Street, East State Street, South Olive Street, South Jackson Street and more roll out the red carpet for residents and visitors alike. describes the event as an opportunity for “the area’s best dining establishments” to “showcase their menus at different price points.” It’s events like these that build community and rightly gives Media its moniker as “Everybody’s Hometown.” When it comes to picking a place to live, amenities rank high and Restaurant Week is an example of a beloved offering keeping people in place.

Propane’s Pivotal Role

When these long-term residents start looking into Earth-friendly and cost-effective ways to warm their home, GasTec often comes to mind. Even in the eyes of the Environmental Protection Agency, propane is non-toxic and can be used to warm your pool, heat water in your home, serve as an alternative to oil and even power back-up generators. The fact that residential propane systems are more efficient than oil systems is another reason for residents of Media to improve the infrastructure of their home. As a propane delivery service, GasTec can help clients plan and implement utility improvements that make use of propane at home possible. Whether you’re looking to stay put in “Everybody’s Hometown” or improve your home and put it on the market, GasTec’s residential propane plans make sense to those who want efficiency and affordability above all.

Media, PA Propane Company

GasTec knows quite a bit when it comes propane services in Media, PA as we are extremely dedicated to the quality of work that we provide to both residential and commercial properties. Our employees bring professional experience within the propane industry to the table and we take our Media, PA clients very serious. Our drivers deliver propane to the people of Media, PA with an unbeatable customer service experience.

GasTec is the top delivery service and supplier of propane in Media, PA because our family of drivers know that your family or business is dependent on our propane services. Helping you preserve a relaxed home or business that uses propane, we are here for you around the clock. You can count on GasTec!

If you’re in Media and are looking to propane for in-home heating, pool heating, hot water, cooking, lighting and more, GasTec can build you a manageable plan that fits your budget and help reduce your energy costs.

Contact us today to learn how we can easily fulfill your propane needs in Media, Pennsylvania.