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An unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) , Asbury is located within Franklin Township. As of the 2010 American Census, the CDP’s population was listed at 273 residents. With a total area measuring just .7 sq miles, Asbury is one of the smallest CDP’s located within New Jersey. The community was named after Francis Asbury, the first American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. Born August 20, 1745, Francis Asbury spent more than 45 years within the United States traveling by horseback and carriage to American settlers on the frontier. Francis Asbury devoted his life to ministry before passing in 1816. 

Located within Franklin Township, Asbury and Franklin are known for their rich farmland and vibrant local history. As part of the Lehigh Valley’s eastern region, the area’s climate has been designated humid continental, averaging mid-80s in the summer months and 20-30s in the winter. The Lehigh Valley’s economy has undergone great changes; however, today, the current economy remains balanced and multi-faceted. As of 2019, the main five industries within the regions are finance, manufacturing, education, professional services, and health care. Other industry sectors within the area include retail, transportation, warehousing, entertainment, and informational services. In 2017, the area’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was listed as 43.8 billion. 

The Lehigh Valley is known for its historical ties to steel production, Portland cement, and apparel. Since the 1800s, the area has served as a major center of US industrial manufacturing; however, in recent years, many companies have moved operations offshore. Today, the largest employers of the Lehigh Valley area are the Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network,, Lehigh Valley Physician Group, and Mack Trucks. 

Lehigh Valley is home to many recreation venues ranging from Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingston to Blue Mountain Ski Area. Additionally, the nation’s largest SCUBA amusement park Dutch Springs is located within Bethlehem and Lower Nazareth Township in Lehigh Valley. 

Asbury has changed a lot in the past few decades and has become a premier recreation and industry development location. Today, propane company GasTec provides the Asbury area commercial and residential propane services, both heating homes and powering local industry. GasTec recognizes that Asbury residents and businesses require tailored propane plans to meet their individual needs, which is why GasTec’s team of experienced professionals takes the time to create tailored commercial and residential propane packages. To learn more about GasTec’s many services, including propane delivery services, check out GasTec’s website today!

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