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Blawenburg, NJ Propane

Home to less than 300 people, Blawenburg is a small hamlet within the Montgomery Township in Somerset County, New Jersey. In 1700, all the land in Montgomery Township belonged to just three owners: Peter Sonman, Thomas Hart, and Walter Benthall. One of the first big landowners in the Blawenburg area was John Van Horne who purchased 6,979 acres from Peter Sonman. He then split his holdings between his sons, Abraham and Garret Van Horne. The area that was eventually known as Blawenburg was settled by John Blaw before 1742 when he purchased 400 acres of farmland from Abraham Van Horn, a merchant of New York City and a large New Jersey landholder. Considered to be an unincorporated community and a census-designated place today, Blawenburg is located at the juncture of two large roads, CR 518 and CR 601. The community contains the Blawenburg Cemetery and the Blawenburg Reformed Church. Only covering about 0.61 square miles of land, Blawenburg ranks in the lower quartile for population density when compared to the other cities, towns, and census-designated places in New Jersey. Along the western Blawenburg border is the Nevius/Van Zandt farmstead. This property still exists today and is the oldest house in the village. Most of the farm was sold to become part of Cherry Valley Country Club, the Elks Club which was a former dairy barn, and a residential neighborhood west of the Elks.

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