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Bound Brook, NJ Propane

Along the Raritan River is Bound Brook, a borough in Somerset County, New Jersey that is home to just over 10,400 people. The area was first settled in 1681 and a community was established near the Bound Brook stream, which flows into the Raritan River from the Green Brook on the eastern side of the borough. The brook, which was mentioned as a boundary in a Native American deed, provides the source of the borough’s name. The Betsy Ross Flag was first officially raised in 1777 by General Washington in the Camp of the Continental Army at Bound Brook. A wooden bridge over the Raritan River was erected as early as 1761 and named Queen’s Bridge in 1767. Later, it became a covered bridge. During the American Revolutionary War, the bridge was used repeatedly by both sides including during the Battle of Bound Brook in 1777. The Battle of Bound Brook, one of the battles in the New York and New Jersey campaign during the American Revolutionary War, occurred on April 13, 1777, and resulted in a defeat for the Continental Army, who were routed by about 4,000 troops under British command. In 1875, the wooden bridge was replaced by a steel pipe truss bridge. More than 100 years later, that bridge was replaced by a steel girder bridge in 1984, still using the old pillars. The bridge was renovated and repaved in 2007.

The people of Bound Brook would be wise to select Gastec for their propane needs. Here at Gastec, we specialize in the sort of propane services that would be beneficial to the residents and business owners in Bound Brook. Propane can be used for so many different things and in so many different ways. Propane is also a clean and green source of power, so it is completely safe for the environment. With so much emphasis on the preservation and renovation of the community, and environmentally friendly power source sounds perfect for the borough. The people of Bound Brook can use our residential propane services for things like warming their homes, cooking a meal, or keeping the power on in the case of an outage. We also offer commercial propane services that can handle larger-scale buildings like restaurants, farms, and schools. Keeping our clients please at all times is very important to us. To make sure we can do that, we provide them with access to our customer service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our propane delivery services are also around the clock, to deliver exactly what our clients need, whenever they need it.