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Buttzville, NJ Propane

Founded in 1839 by Michael Robert Buttz, today, Buttzville is home to 146 residents and is located within White Township in Warren County, New Jersey. Both Buttzville and the greater Warren County area are located between the New York Metropolitan area and the popular vacation destination, The Poconos.  The town is frequently listed on lists of unusual place names and attracts many visitors due to its odd name. In addition to its name, the town posses a rich history and was frequently visited by famed American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison, often described as America’s greatest inventor, once owned and operated a manufacturing plant and quarry near Buttzville. During his daily commute, it is said that Edison would often stop at Craig’s Store in Buttzville, where Tom Craig and Thomas Edison would become longtime friends.

Buttzville founder, Michael Robert Buttz, arrived in the area in 1839, where he purchased land from a miller who used it predominantly for a gristmill. Once settled, Michael Robert Buttz opened a hotel, which estayed in the Buttz family for many generations. Before coming to Buttzville, Michael Robert Buttz worked as a teacher for many years before opening a sawmill, hotel, and apple and rye distillery in New Market. In addition to working as a teacher and business owner, Michael Buttz worked as a justice of the peace in the American Civil War. After selling his businesses in 1831, Mr. Buttz ran for office on the Democratic ticket but left the race due to financial problems. Next, Mr. Buttz moved to Pequest River, where he opened a grist mill, plaster mill, and general store. It was while living in Pequest River that Michael Robert Buttz would pass at the age of 72.

Buttzville’s fascinating history is an essential part of the town’s present. While GasTec has not been a part of Buttzville’s history, it does hope to be a part of its future. From residential propane heating to industrial propane services, GasTec is able to provide the citizens of Buttzville with premium, reliable, and green energy. Whether it be heating your home, cooking breakfast, or keeping the lights on during a power outage, propane company GasTec is committed to providing the best propane and service at an affordable price for all Buttzville residents.