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The unincorporated community of Columbus is part of the Mansfield Township in Burlington County, New Jersey. Most of Mansfield Township’s governmental offices are located in and around Columbus. It is also the main business district in the township with many businesses lining the main roads in the area. The area settled in the 18th century and featured a tavern named Black Horse Tavern. The community was originally took the name of Black Horse after the tavern. Around 1825 a movement was on foot to change the name of the village, which was officially changed to Columbus, after Cristopher Columbus, in 1827 when the post office was established. It is said that the inn keeper of the Black Horse Tavern was so enraged that he refused to serve any man who called the town by its new name. Opening in 1919, the Columbus Farmer’s Market is the largest and oldest farmer’s market in the Delaware Valley. The market originally served as an auction for farm animals such as cattle and horses. The original location of the Columbus Farmer’s Market was in the center of town. However, in 1929 the market relocated to its current location on Route 206. The market continued to grow at its new location, selling not only livestock but a variety of agricultural machinery and fresh eggs. 

After purchasing fresh eggs from the Columbus Farmer’s Market, residents can rely on our propane to heat their stoves to help fry them up. Here at Gastec, we provide the best propane services in New Jersey, for the absolute best prices. Our residential propane is what powers things such as stoves, heaters, and generators. It is something that we have been reliably providing to our clients for years. Both homeowners and business owners can benefit from our incredible propane services, while benefitting their community. Propane is an environmentally safe source of power that can be used for a wide variant of tasks. No matter your propane needs, our team of experts takes great pride in ensuring a beneficial propane experience. It’s why we have a full customer service team and offer delivery straight to the doors of residents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. If you have any questions about propane, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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